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Are “super-woke” leftists eating their own again? Survey says… maybe.

by Resurgent Insider Read Profile arrow_right_alt

In today’s Democratic Party, it’s virtually impossible to meet the high standards of the super-woke. And when someone fails, they must be subjected to ritual humiliation amounting to being eaten alive by their own “allies” in the name of keeping standards high, and virtue-signaling at A+ levels.

Such is the ridiculous situation in which gay Democrat and liberal Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg finds himself this week.

The mayor has managed to piss off his super-woke base by stating that he likes Chick-fil-A. This is not a joke.

From NBC News:

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said he does not approve of Chick-fil-A’s politics, but “kind of” approves of its chicken.


Matthew Riemer, an LGBTQ historian and author of the forthcoming book “We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation,” said Buttigieg missed an opportunity to condemn a company with a legacy of financially backing anti-LGBT organizations.

“It’s so much more empowering to the community at large if candidates would say it’s OK to be angry and not support these organizations,” Riemer, 37, said. “It’s not minorities’ job to reach out and make peace with an organization that has openly expressed its hatred for us.”


“When you’re on the front lines seeing students saying, ‘My family hates me, they want to get rid of LGBTQ individuals,’ you’re not going to support an organization that adds to that pain,” Higgins said.

Buttigieg’s admission has, of course, also sparked plenty of venting on progressive Twitter.

And conveniently, today, it slightly looks like other “super-woke” leftists who may just find “Mayor Pete” too “conservative” are setting him up for more trouble as well. From the Washington Examiner a few hours ago:

ORGANIZATION SUES TO OPEN ABORTION CLINIC IN PETE BUTTIGIEG’S SOUTH BEND: Whole Woman’s Health Alliance has filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday arguing the laws in Indiana governing abortion clinic licensing are vague and are burdensome on those seeking abortion access. In August 2017, WWHA applied for a license to open an abortion clinic in South Bend, where Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.They were denied the request for withholding information from the health department.

Let’s be real, “Mayor Pete” isn’t going to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

But this looks just a little like in the wake of the “controversial” Chick-fil-A comments, the pro-abortion lobby is trying to corner him and put him in a spot where he either sounds vaguely like a rational human being on abortion (“if you don’t provide full information required by the health department, you don’t get to open an abortion clinic”) or like a Cecile Richards clone, which might sell for a bunch of today’s super-woke #resisters in vagina hats but could be off-putting to some of the older, more moderate Democratic voters who might theoretically prefer him over Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren in places like Iowa.

Or maybe it’s all a coincidence and “Mayor Pete” is just having an unfortunate run when it comes to lining up his food preferences with what is deemed sufficiently politically correct in today’s Democratic Party, and the abortion clinic mess was bound to end up inserting itself into his campaign no matter what he did. It may all just be a case of really unfortunate timing.

In any event, it will be interesting to see how Buttigieg responds, and whether he’ll strike a rational tone as he did on the subject of chicken, or will side with the legitimately off-the-deep-end activists in his party. How ironic will it be if the first semi-major gay presidential candidate turns out to be insufficiently “woke” for today’s Left?

UPDATE: This whole situation gets more ridiculous. And hilarious.

Fantastic reply here from @EsotericCD:


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