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Texas Democrats Think These Brave Survivors Should Have Been Killed

by James Silberman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

The Texas House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee heard testimonies regarding an abortion-related bill on Monday – though only five of the committee’s nine members were present. All four Democrats were no-shows.

The hearing’s highlights were the previously scheduled testimonies of abortion survivors Gianna Jessen, Claire Culwell, and Carrie Fischer. Jessen was born on April 6, 1977 after surviving an attempt on her life by a “doctor” who had injected a toxic solution into Jessen’s mother’s womb. Consequently, Jessen has cerebral palsy, something she considers “a gift.” Jessen is now a full-time anti-abortion activist and speaker.

Culwell’s mother had an D&E abortion in 1988, a “procedure” that entails tearing a small human limb-from-limb with clamps and crushing his or her skull. The “doctors” thought everything had gone well and sent Culwell’s mother home. However, her mother came back a little while later still showing signs of pregnancy. Culwell’s mother had twins. The murder of her sibling miraculously left Culwell intact and she was born a few weeks later on March 6. Culwell was born with clubbed feet and dislocated hips, possibly as a result of the abortion. Culwell is now a full time anti-abortion activist and is married to her husband David with whom she has three children; SJ, Lita, and Eli.

Culwell, speaking to The Resurgent, said she wanted the committee members to see her and understand that those who are killed in the womb are real people. “I attend and testify these hearings because I want Senators, Representatives, Congressman and my fellow Americans to be able to put a face and a name with a real abortion survivor. When I met my birth mother and learned about my abortion survival, I had no idea that babies survived abortions, but now that I know, I want to use my story to put a face with the reality of the abortion debate in our country today. “

Fischer was born on June 10, 1969 after her mother’s failed abortion. Fischer has facial paralysis and difficulty walking and hearing. In a joint interview she did with her mother for disability rights organization Special Books for Special Kids, Fischer explained that her childhood was extremely difficult. “When I was a child, I hated myself. I didn’t like who I was or what I looked like,” she said. Fischer is now an anti-abortion speaker and author and is married to her husband Richard.

Rep. Yvonne Davis, one of the no-shows, said during a later floor session that she and the others had “other stuff to work on that’s more important than [listening to abortion survivors and other testimonies].” In a joint statement put out by all four representatives, they explained that hearing the testimonies would be “offensive to our fellow Texan women, their families, and licensed physicians.

Fischer told The Resurgent that she doesn’t buy their reasoning. “It’s just an excuse not to honor her commitment to the committee. I also see it as we weren’t worth her time…They didn’t want to hear our stories and see our value as abortion survivors.”

Culwell concurred. “By admitting that babies survive abortions and grow up to be someone like me, they would have to admit the humanity of the unborn and that wouldn’t serve their cause well…It makes me want to shout louder, be bolder, and share my story as often as I can because I know that my face, the face of an abortion survivor, makes them uncomfortable enough to not show up and to walk out. That means I’m doing something right.”

Jessen, who cried during her testimony, explained the source of her tears on Twitter. “i really wasn’t phased when the democrat women decided we weren’t even worth listening to. i am used to that. but then the men on the committee showed us so much Honor. they were so embarrassed and horrified that the committee members would demonstrate that level of disrespect. i think it was when i saw and received the Kindness from the men and stared at the empty chairs of the women that i cried. just for a moment. because the Honor from the men created such a contrast to being dishonored. and in that moment, i felt my Life up until the present day. Loved for awhile. maybe. they joined a lifetime of people (many, NOT ALL!) who have not thought i am worth showing up for. who won’t fight nearly as hard for me as i will for them. who just like you for a little bit. because you’re different. but that wears off. this sounds terrible. maybe it is. whatever. but today, when i stared at those empty chairs, i felt Free to grieve the hard things. the loss. and i am grateful for when Love is real.”

From the inflated back-alley abortion numbers put out by NARAL in the late 60s, to Justice Blackmun lying about there not being an embryological consensus about when life begins, to the dishonest slogans and Orwellian abuse of language to justify murder, the pro-abortion movement has always been grounded in dishonesty. However, there are some things you just can’t spin.

Kermit Gosnell, for example – It took a persistent local journalist and an enormous social media campaign of public shaming to get the media to begrudgingly end their blackout of the serial killer’s trial. There’s no way the media could spin the story of a man who kept the feet of murdered babies in jars in a pro-choice direction, so they ignored it.

The same principle applies to abortion survivors. These three women and the many like them are living, breathing wrecking balls of pro-choice cognitive dissonance. Their faces sear the consciences of those who support the violent attempts on their lives. In the pro-choice view, Culwell, Jessen, and Fischer’s lives are violations of their mothers’ reproductive rights. If mainstream feminists had their way, these women would be dead. Praise God for the fact that they didn’t.

The no-shows, Representatives Davis, Jessica Farrar, Victoria Neave, and Julie Johnson, support something horrifically evil. They enthusiastically endorse the murders of more than 61 million image bearers of God over the past 46 years. But there are hundreds, if not thousands of survivors of this bloody abortion holocaust – survivors Davis, Farrar, Neave, and Johnson are too craven to look in the eye.

Fischer also said that abortion “should be treated like any other murder and carry a jail sentence.” This is a real possibility in Texas this year. TX HB896, The Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act, is expected to receive a hearing on April 8th. While others like it have been proposed in Oklahoma, Indiana, Washington, and Idaho, TX HB896 is the first bill which would nullify Roe v Wade and abolish abortion to get a committee hearing. It also will be heard by the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, so prepare for more Democrat no-shows.


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