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Read This and Renew Your Faith in Humanity

Here are the words of 16-year-old Charlotte Howard, an extraordinary girl in Hastings, a town in England.

Charlotte, you see, is a hero:

I would like to raise money for this man, I believe his name is Anthony. I saw his tent and his message next to it and it broke my heart. There is a caravan for sale and it cost £100, the goal is £300 as it needs some work done and we’d need to get some basic  necessities for him. 

Any money will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU 🙂 x

She’s talking about a homeless man, Anthony Johnson, who currently lives in tent on the side of the road.

Charlotte saw him and started a GoFundMe account to help him. Here’s what is visible of the man’s handwritten sign:

Work Wanted

I will do a trial for freer to show how I work. I don’t take drugs or drink.

I will also do dog walking – minding, window cleaning, shoping, gardning, car valiting – washing, house work, cooking, any thing to earn a living and make life seem worth [rest is cut off]

Here’s a homeless man who wants to do something, to earn a second chance. And here’s a girl who wants to help. She doesn’t know him. She just has a heart of gold.

Charlotte’s GoFundMe had raised, as of 1800 GMT on Wednesday, £2351.

Shortly after Charlotte established her page, a gardener named Nelson Smith contacted Anthony about a job, reports the Hastings Observer.

About his Good Samaritan, Anthony said:

Anthony, who has spent nine years on the streets, said: “The reaction after Charlotte posted the note was weird. I was suddenly bombarded with certain things.

“It’s not like I haven’t previously been asking for help but all it takes is an open-minded person like Charlotte to come along and help. She saw me and recognised my position and decided she wanted to do something to help.

“I wouldn’t have got anywhere looking for a job if it wasn’t for her.

“She really is incredible.” 

God Bless this man. I pray he gets back on his feet and makes it.

When we see people on the streets, going through difficult times, at the lowest places in their lives – how do we react? How do we respond?

I don’t know about you, but I am filled with guilt when I think about how I’ve judged such people in my heart in the past. Sure, I might do this or that little thing to help – but in my heart, there’s a nagging desire not to care, not to help. And most of the time, I drive right past, and do nothing.

When I was a child, I remember numerous adults telling me never to give money to homeless people. “They’ll just spend the money on beer and drugs,” I was exhorted. Perhaps you’ve heard the same.

But what if, instead of hardening our hearts to those around us in need, we saw them as Christ did – and followed His commandment in Matthew 22:39 to “love your neighbor as yourself”?

What if we were all a little more like Charlotte Howard?


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