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Things You’re Not Allowed To Buy At The San Antonio Airport: Guns, Drugs, And A Chick-fil-a Sandwich

A recent vote by the San Antonio city council will prohibit Chick-fil-a from opening a restaurant at San Antonio International Airport. If you’ve been paying attention, you know why this is happening. It’s not because Chick-fil-a has bad food. It’s not because the workers are rude. It’s because, as one council member describes it, Chick-fil-a has a “legacy of anti-LGBT behavior.”

The company’s giving records are the real source of concern for LGBT activists. Just a day before the city council’s decision, Think Progress published a report detailing the nefarious groups Chick-fil-a had given money too.

Here they are.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The Paul Anderson Youth Home.

The Salvation Army.

That’s right. You are now living in a world where the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army are treated as quasi-terrorist organizations.

What’s the common element between each of these organizations? They subscribe to the biblical and historical teaching of Scripture in regards to marriage and sexuality. Something tells me that the San Antonio city council would have less of a problem with Chick-fil-a had they given money to Hamas.

Let’s take a look at some of the other causes that Chick-fil-a supported in 2017 with the money you gave them for a chicken sandwich.

They sent 375 kids to a week-long summer camp.

They made their Chick-fil-a Leader Academy available to 705 high schools.

They provided 923 volunteers for specific service opportunities.

They gave out 3,439 scholarships.

They donated 52,009 meals.

I’m sure that the residents of San Antonio can rest easy at night now knowing that their elected officials have made it clear that the local government will have no part in this kind of good will.

Council member Roberto Treviño is proud of his stance against Chick-fil-a. He thinks that he’s really accomplished something by keeping the restaurant out of his city’s airport. He rattled off the old company line that Progressives always use when they stifle individual liberty and the free market in the name of sex. He said that his city will, “become a champion of equality and inclusion.”

Let’s take a closer look at that tired, worn, empty phrase–one word at a time.

By “champion,” Treviño really means bully. He is throwing a wrench in the free market system and convincing himself that he’s helping. Under the banner of sexuality, Treviño is telling citizens where and what they can and cannot eat. He is no different than the school bully stealing kids’ lunch money. The only difference is that he has the coercive power of the government behind him and at least the school bully knows that he’s the bad guy.

And it’s not equality that Treviño is interested in. He’s more concerned with conformity. If it was equality that he was after, he’d welcome Chick-fil-a into his city’s airport and let people eat where they want to eat. Everyday, people make decisions based on a variety of reasons. We skip over restaurants because of everything from taste to politics. We don’t need the government jumping in and telling us where to eat. This is closer to totalitarianism than equality. But as recent history as shown us that, in the Progressive lexicon, the two words are synonymous.

Finally, how someone can, with a straight face, talk about how inclusive they are while excluding someone is one of the greatest political marvels of our time. Treviño and his Progressive elite associates have weaponized inclusivity and tolerance to help them to exclude those with whom they disagree.

Let’s not beat around the bush. The San Antonio city council does not care about justice, equality, or inclusivity. They care about money and power. They care about it so much that they’re willing to lock out a company that gives tons of money away to good causes simply because that company refuses to abandon 2,000 years of Christian teaching and bow the knee to the latest sexual fad.

Leigh Jackson, a Chick-fil-a spokesperson noted that the company’s giving is not rooted in political or non-inclusive agendas. “We have welcomed everyone in San Antonio into our 32 local stores for more than 40 years.” And, I might add, they have done so while offering the best food and quality service.

But for Roberto Treviño and the five other council members who voted with him to keep Chick-fil-a out of the airport, service isn’t enough.

It’s worship that they’re after.

And in the eyes of the majority of San Antonio’s city council, Chick-fil-a is simply worshiping the wrong god and their devotion must be punished.


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