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The DCCC Goes on the Defensive

Not sure if the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has been reading my columns, @phillyrich1’s timeline or whether they are finally taking the Justice Democrats at their word. In either case, they drew a line in the sand on Friday regarding primary races. And it upset some folks on their far left flank.

From Alexandra Rojas the Executive Director of the Justice Democrats:

The guidelines she attached in her tweet are the standards vendors need to meet to work with the DCCC on the 2020 cycle. At the top of the list is this statement and acknowledgement:

Call it a shot over the bow, but the DCCC is letting the Justice Dems know they are not going to take further insurgent campaigns lying down. If this criterion had been in place in 2018, no vendor who wanted to work with DCCC campaigns nationwide would have been able to work on the campaign of any candidate trying to primary an incumbent Democrat.

This would include candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley. So Alexandra Rojas is partially right when she says this:

The DCCC move is in direct response to the election of the current crop of Justice Democrats. Which also includes Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. And these ladies have all been giving the Headmistress of the House regular headaches.

Since Ocasio-Cortez did her botched rollout of the Green New Deal and the hilarious FAQ’s, charges of the Democrats embracing socialism have increased. Her popularity with the media and the radical intersectional base has pushed the 2020 primary candidates to the left. Now we get headlines like this:

Centrists fear socialist tag will cost Democrats the House in 2020

L. Barron Lopez, Politico, 03/15/2019

This fear is not misplaced either. The DCCC has an interest in maintaining their newly won Congressional majority. And the Justice Democrats didn’t provide them with any gains. They won in reliably blue districts. Which doesn’t help.

The real story in 2018 was the Democrats that won in typically red or purple districts. And they did it by not being crazy. From Politico:

They are the ones on the front lines, defending Democrats’ House majority. And many of the endangered Democrats already see their outspoken colleagues as a potential obstacle standing between them and reelection in 2020.

“As we run up to this presidential [election], we need to show that Democrats, as a whole, are not socialists,” said Rep. Katie Hill, who last November flipped a Southern California district that Republicans held for the previous quarter-century. “We’re not pushing for impeachment without serious cause and serious evidence.”

Representative Hill is in an uphill battle if the Justice Democrats suck all the air out of the room running far left Progressives against incumbent Democrats. And party leadership knows this. So while they may pause to do kitschy Rolling Stone covers with their socialist and anti-Semitic insurgents, the real power structure in the party will work to kneecap future efforts to enlarge the circus.

This is an incredibly strategic move by the DCCC. However, it may not be enough. Rojas is nice enough to give us two of the Justice Democrats’ targets in 2018. Cuellar and Lipinski need to be ready to do some good old fashioned electioneering. Feet on the street, knocking on doors and kissing babies.

Further, the Justice Democrats, their staff and volunteers are emboldened, digitally savvy, and very capable organizers. And the radical left political machine has built alliances with the vast aray of NGO’s pushing climate change and social justice. It will not take much effort for them to have an army of volunteers on the street.

If you are Republican in a district like Cuellar’s where you can live with your current neighborhood Democrat and know a Republican won’t win, keep your ears to the ground. Stay vigilant in your local elections and make sure you don’t end up with an Ocasio-Cortez.

We don’t have a Presidential primary at this point and we will forgive you for voting for the better Democrat. It’s strategery.


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