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Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s Call for Civility Met With Instant Backlash

Everything Trump touches dies.

That isn’t just a random internet meme. It’s a warning for all those who think they can dabble in the rat-infested sewage that is Trumpism and come out smelling like a rose.

Indeed, when your entire kingdom is built on misogyny, rabid nationalism, pathological lying, and apocalyptic scaremongering, with people outside our borders framed as soul-sucking mutants, intent on rape and chaos, it’s kind of hard to take the high ground.

There is no grace on Team Trump. There is no reason or hope of peaceful dissent in the MAGA swamp. You’re either 100 percent for the king, or you are a traitor to the throne, and will be dealt with, accordingly.

Am I exaggerating?

I am not.

Let’s look at freshman Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

Crenshaw, for those who will recall, won a lot of praise and attention, after Saturday Night Live cast member, Pete Davidson, made a joke about the eye patch he wears.

Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL, who served three tours of duty. He lost his eye in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2012, after an IED explosion.

He almost lost both.

He left the service in 2016 with a medical discharge.

He has also been awarded the Purple Heart, two Bronze Stars, and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with valor.

In other words, he’s a quality guy. To that point, after the backlash against SNL’s Davidson, Crenshaw made an appearance on the Saturday night show, where Davidson allowed him to crack jokes at his expense, in the interest of burying the hatchet.

It was a cute, funny segment, and Crenshaw seemed to win over the crowd, accepting Davidson’s on-air apology, in what was a wonderful show of two people on opposite ends of the political spectrum showing mutual respect.

Since that time, Crenshaw has been reliably in President Trump’s corner, backing his hand on a variety of issues, and in general, not the kind of guy who has come out the gate making waves.

I suppose Crenshaw got comfortable. That’s when you make mistakes.

I have no doubts he is a standup guy, but in his comfort, given the early boost in his profile and approval, he thought he could speak freely, show moral clarity.

Yeah. You don’t do that in MAGAville.

As the president has spent the last week or so railing against the memory of a dead man – Senator John McCain – anything that may have been counted as good news was swallowed up in the absurdity.

The silence of most Republican lawmakers, many of them who called John McCain “friend” was astounding.

A few did speak up, however.

Dan Crenshaw, to his credit, was one of them.

He urged Trump to just stop talking about McCain, and tweeted out this on Thursday:

So for those of us who see with sane eyes, this is a mild rebuke, at most.

He was right. It was the right thing to say, but then came the backlash.

While some have stepped up to stave off the onslaught, Crenshaw, who, like McCain [and unlike Trump] is a war hero. He caught a lot of nasty heat from the Trumpian loyalists, who will tolerate NO dissent of Trump, no matter how harmless.

Are you kidding? He’s hardly a NeverTrumper. Look at his record, to date. As short as it is, he’s been in Trump’s corner.

Want to see the dead eyed march of cultism?

And this is what festers at the root of  Trump. It is the very reason there are still many of us so repulsed by who he is and what he has made acceptable in political discourse.

Character still matters, far more than some temporary political gains. It is character that defines your life, and what you allow is who you are.

You can’t get close to Trump’s MAGA mob and not pay some price.

If you need proof, just look at Rep. Crenshaw’s mentions.


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