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Demonic Practices Go Mainstream

Man has a natural desire to grope for eternal truth. This was placed there in the beginning.

Thus, it’s hardly surprising that, as our society drifts away from “organized religion,” young people still find themselves in need of a values system to give meaning and purpose to their lives. When faced with suffering, in particular, all of us yearn for deeper explanations.

Along comes Sanctuary App, an astrology application that, for a mere $20 per month, will provide on-demand astrology readings.

The founder of the app, a fellow named Ross Clark, explains to Bloomberg pretty bluntly that they’re trying to reach as many young people with this as possible:

“Texting is the language of millennials and younger people today, so we really wanted to harness that…”

More troubling than this is that he’s trying to act like astrology is some mainstream wellness activity, like yoga or pilates:

Clark sees the Sanctuary app launch as “part of the broader wellness story that has been happening for the last few years,” which includes tarot, Reiki energy healing, and “everything we have seen with the rise of the meditation app.”

Why, one might wonder, would a company engaged in alternative spiritualist practices frame them in the context of wellness?

The answer lies in your health plan.

Health insurance companies, pressured by the government, large corporations, and a broader cultural movement towards prevention, have started to cover “wellness.”  Startups based on these old spiritualist practices, as well as other “mainstream” spiritual movements such as eastern meditation, are hoping and praying for insurance companies, the real big dollar players, to come in and cover what they’re doing.


And you know what? They’ll probably get there. As mainstream culture moves ever further away from Christianity, it’s not hard to imagine that these once-fringe things like tarot reading and astrology swoop in to fill the void.

Because make no mistake, when we try to blot God out of society, there’s a huge void left where Christianity once was. The support that religion provides in people’s lives being gone or absent altogether, they go looking for alternatives. Some young people, who are increasingly not growing up in Christian homes, have no idea what to do when they find that life is overwhelming.

So they go to Google, searching for purpose.

They go to the App Store.

And of course, they go to their non-Christian friends.

Having grown up with the notion that organized religion is stupid, patriarchal, and irrelevant to them, they dismiss any idea of stepping into a church or reading Christian literature.

And then they find something like an astrology app, something about tarot, something that promises answers to explain why life is so hard.

Surely they’ll find some kind of answer. But in this case, the remedy will be far worse than the ailment. For there can be no true fulfillment in the modern manifestations of the demonic that have plagued humanity for thousands of years.

And make no mistake: that’s what such practices are. 


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