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Prepare For the Unhinged Handmaids

Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill” has cleared a senate panel to chants of “shame” and “no safe seats” from abortion supporters. Capitol police had to escort Republican legislators to a waiting elevator through the throng of protestors. We know where this is going.

The “Heartbeat Bill” is HB 481, which considers any unborn human with a heart beat as a person, with the rights of a person, to be added to the population of the state as a person, and therefore entitled to the protection of the state. Its effect would be to make most abortions illegal, with the narrow exceptions of rape and incest–with reporting requirements to support the rape allegation.

Of course, under current “law of the land,” this will certainly be subject to judicial review, and possibly a path to the Supreme Court. This could be the one that potentially overturns Roe v. Wade. At least we hope so.

This is why abortion supporters become increasingly unhinged as the bill winds its way through the senate, back to the house to approve changes, then to Governor Kemp’s desk. Kemp has vowed to sign the bill. I knew I liked him, and I hope he doesn’t back down.

Here’s what will happen.

The protests will become more energized, and then even violent. It will resemble what happened in 2013 when they shouted “Hail, Satan!” at the Texas state house. Things will be thrown (disgusting things). Handmaid costumes will be worn. Shouts and disruptions will interrupt proceedings, like at the Kavanaugh hearings.

The thing is, when states like New York and Rhode Island pass laws allowing unlimited abortion up until (and past) the first cry–actual infanticide–you don’t see pro-life protestors becoming unhinged.

A “Day of Action” in Rhode Island means pro-life supporters come together to pray. We could shout and get violent and wear costumes, but we don’t.

In New York, a man closed his bookstore for a day to protest that state’s legalized murder on demand. He didn’t make a scene.

Despite a lawsuit by former New York AG Eric Schneiderman, pro-life supporters prayerfully gathered at the abortion mill in Queens, NY since 2012. The lawsuit accused them of harassment and violating federal and state law. But a judge in 2018 ruled that the AG’s office couldn’t show the pro-lifers “had the intent to harass, annoy, or alarm” women seeking abortions.

They could have gotten physical or unhinged. But we don’t do that.

Pro-life “protestors” pray and seek God’s divine intervention upon the hearts of doctors, women in crisis pregnancies, lawmakers, and judges. We fast, and we stand up and speak up for the ones who cannot stand for themselves–the unborn.

Those who want women to choose themselves over another human being’s life, who see babies as an obstacle to self-actualization, or career goals, or whatever the living grownups want to do, can only become more unhinged when God moves upon others’ hearts.

As the Georgia “Heartbeat Bill” moves closer to becoming law, expect the unhinged handmaids to show up and become ever more unhinged.


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