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Melting Snowflakes

For 20 percent of Millennials, getting zero “likes” on social media is more stressful than being in an argument with a partner.

For 20 percent of Millennials, getting zero “likes” on social media is more stressful than being in an argument with a partner.

For 20 percent of Millennials, getting zero “likes” on social media is more stressful than being in an argument with a partner.

All this from new research that pries into the minds of stressed out young people frustrated that childhood can’t last forever.

Aaaaaaand here’s the top 20 stressors Millennials report:

1. Losing wallet/credit card
2. Arguing with partner
3. Commute/traffic delays
4. Losing phone
5. Arriving late to work
6. Slow WiFi
7. Phone battery dying
8. Forgetting passwords
9. Credit card fraud
10. Forgetting phone charger
11. Losing/misplacing keys
12. Paying bills
13. Job interviews
14. Phone screen breaking
15. Credit card bills
16. Check engine light coming on
17. School loan payments
18. Job security
19. Choosing what to wear
20. Washing dishes

These “problems” cause a lot of stress for young people, apparently. Phone battery dying. Slow WiFi. Choosing what to wear. Washing dishes? Washing dishes?

At least we all have running water because prior to 1900 our great-great-grandparents didn’t even have that.

Look, I realize life is stressful. Many of these things have stressed me out too at one time or another.

Here’s the thing.

When you stop for a half-second to realize how unbelievably fortunate we are to live in the wealthiest, most prosperous nation in world history, these little quirks of modern living are really quite small.

And then stop to consider that even in our wealthy time, many people have real problems that most of us can’t even imagine – even right here in our own backyard.

There are still families in America struggling to put food on the table.

There are still veterans who, having served an ungrateful nation and developed numerous physical and mental disabilities, are now relegated to roam the streets, homeless, in search of generous passers-by.

There are still children abused, harmed, and abandoned by people who are supposed to love and protect them.

There are still elderly people who are lonely and don’t receive visits from family and friends, or have none left.

There are still people who are murdered, raped, and subject to all sorts of senseless and totally unnecessary crimes. Not in a third world country. No. Here, in America.

In fact, come to think of it, we still do have people without running water. Ever been to Detroit?

So guess what, snowflakes. You’ve got it good. We all do.

And all of us should thank God every day for the ground we walk on, because life itself is an extraordinary gift – even if you have slow WiFi and lost your phone.


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