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Is Washington D.C. Ready For Dan Crenshaw’s Common Sense Approach To Spending?

Dan Crenshaw isn’t afraid of a fight.

His career as a Navy SEAL was spent moving toward danger and going back for more when most men would have quit.

Now that he’s a congressman, Crenshaw, armed with a unique mix of common sense and courtesy, is still looking for a fight. But instead of going after the politicians on the other side of the aisle, Crenshaw is sticking to the issues.

This week, congress grilled Russell Vought, President Trump’s Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget, regarding the president’s proposed 2020 budget. As you might imagine, it was a divisive affair.

Democrats were outraged at what they described as “cuts” in the president’s budget. In reality, the so-called “cuts” to Medicare were increases. They just weren’t increases big enough to win the approval of people like Representative John Yarmuth, D-Ky or Representative Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. Yarmuth says the plan abandons the American people and Omar wants more money to feed what she calls, “our most vulnerable.”

Crenshaw responded by attacking the false view that, “the bigger the dollar sign is, the bigger your heart is.” Politicians on both sides of the aisle have a long history of being compassionate with other people’s money. Believe it or not, there are still a few people in D.C. who see this as an unsustainable path. Vought noted, “This level of debt is unsustainable and threatens the prosperity and economic freedom of future generations.”

But for far too many politicians the past never happened and the future doesn’t matter. Just spend, baby!

Dan Crenshaw is not concerned with “slamming”, “clapping back”, or whatever headline grabbing word news sites like to use. So far, his short time in D.C. has been characterized by critically engaging the issues. As he sees it, the national debt is an issue worth engaging. Failure to do so will cripple his generation and those after it.

Crenshaw, who was severely injured while serving in Afghanistan in 2012, spoke from personal experience on why there is a need for spending reform and why higher dollars don’t always mean higher morals.

“I was eligible to get thousands of dollars of taxpayer money as soon as I retired from the military. The federal government told me I should get on that. The military told me I should get on that program. I am not disabled… I should not get that money but that program says I should. There’s something wrong there.”

Earlier this week, news broke of a massive college cheating scandal where wealthy parents were paying thousands of dollars in order to get their kids into prestigious universities. In some cases, the kids didn’t even know what their parents were doing. They were too blinded by their entitlement to question the circumstances. Their ignorance allowed them to enjoy the fruits of the unsustainable and immoral labor of their parents. Nothing else mattered.

We are a lot like those kids. We want what we feel is ours. Nothing else matters.

Progressives ramble on and on about how evil the government is and, with a straight face, try to convince us that the only solution is more government.

Conservatives are culpable too. Every Conservative is a Libertarian until he wants something from the government. Then, he starts sounding an awful lot like a Progressive.

We won’t all be called on to make sacrifices for our country like Dan Crenshaw did. But we all need to make sacrifices. If we really care about economic justice and future generations, we will lay aside our entitlements and, for the good of those who come after us, stop fighting each other and start fighting the national debt.

One way or another, that’s a fight that we won’t be able to avoid.

But we must not be afraid.

And we must keep coming back for more.


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