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Dark Money And Climate Hysteria

You hear a lot about “dark money”. This is money, not easily traced back to the source, that flows into political activities. The Democrats, in stumping for legislative train wrecks like HR-1, like to pretend this is solely a right-wing phenomenon perpetrated by evil “corporations”. That could not be further from the truth.

The truth is there is a ton of dark money flowing into the movement around climate change. There is a complex set of bundlers that funnel money in to grassroots organizing efforts. These bundlers are often classified as a 501(c)(4) according to the IRS and do not need to disclose their donors.

The grassroots organizations, usually 501(c)(3), in turn, belong to membership organizations, also often classified as 501(c)(4). These membership organizations are almost exclusively focused on coordinating efforts between the (c)(3)’s. This is to give their political action the appearance of greater depth under any single organization’s banner.

Once you throw in ActBlue, it is all very difficult to “unbundle” if you will excuse the pun. And I had all but given up investigating and publishing information because it did not seem to garner much interest. Then I opened my local community magazine and have decided to redouble my efforts.

A local English teacher asked his class to write a response to the question “If you had one wish, what would it be?”. He submitted some of the responses to a local magazine. The respondents look to be in sixth or seventh grade. One young lady wrote this:

Forget the obvious inconsistencies here. Whatever she has heard makes her think it will be so hot that we will kill all the walruses, yet we will be frozen sometime in the next 15 years. At least according to Russian scientists.

It made me think of Greta Thunberg and her climate obsession. And how that obsession was managed and marketed into a global meme. I also recalled a distraught little redhead in Senator Feinstein’s office. Which I partially attributed to being in San Francisco. California is the land of the fruits and nuts after all. But this kid wrote her paragraph in my very red county, in a state that is still red. And it is the same garbage.

Why are we allowing the left to do this to children? Imbed a vision of a terrifying future that they have little to no control over? As a member of Gen X, I can tell you this is a bad idea. I remember the anxiety of learning about what a nuclear bomb was somewhere around the age of eight. And on some level understanding the concept of mutually assured destruction between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

I talked to my mom about it. She tried to help me process it and put it in perspective. She didn’t stick me front and center at an anti-proliferation march. Nor do I think she would have allowed it even if I wanted to. A few years later The Day After was on television. A beautiful little piece of propaganda for the masses going into the 1984 election.

Then no bombs fell and SALT treaties were signed. The economy exploded. The maverick in the White House who was gonna kill us all by mashing his finger on a button eventually became the impetus for a wall coming down. My childhood was terrific. And the world had never been safer.

Of course soon after we were all going to die because the ozone layer could not be repaired. Then the polar ice caps were going to be gone in 10 years. Or we going to suffer an Ice Age. In any case, we were all goners again for a myriad of reasons. We were told to seriously think about whether or not to bring kids into the world. Population control was critical.

So, Gen X went to work. They became leaders in corporations and have made some amazing contributions to technology and science. We had families and raised children. We also became very suspicious of institutions, authority and “experts”.

Am I the only one that feels like I am watching a rerun of an awful television show that lasted six seasons when it should have been off the air in six weeks? Orange Man Bad! The planet will be beyond saving in 12 years! Why would you bring children into this disaster? THE WALRUSES ARE GONNA DIE!

When these kids look around in 2030 and realize the planet is doing just fine but their lives are considerably crappier because the “climate wing” won, they are going to give these new “experts” the proverbial finger. And I am on a mission to make sure they know exactly who to flip off.

And for the love of God, keep your kids away from this Parkland Redux for Climate on Friday.

They are being used. Remember, building a youth movement is the express goal of some of these organizations. Don’t let your kid march in this particular parade and let them know that every single prediction this movement has made in the last 50 years has been wrong. We’re 99% sure the walruses will be just fine.


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