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Abolish Daylight Savings Time

Tomorrow morning, at 2 a.m., your digital devices will skip the 2 o’clock hour and go straight to 3 a.m. Those of us with analog clocks must manually wind them forward an hour sometime tomorrow, lest we walk around an hour behind the world.

“Spring forward!” we are encouraged, as if we should be excited.

But for many people, springing forward launches them straight into a brick wall. For instance, according to, it has been proven that, after the springtime Daylight Savings Time change:

  • Heart attack risk increases for three days
  • Traffic accidents increase
  • Workplace injuries rise
  • There are more miscarriages
  • There’s more depression
  • Suicides go up

Not only is DST annoying, it’s deadly.

Most of the world’s nations do not use Daylight Savings time, including virtually all Asian, African, and South American countries.

Here in the United States, Arizona and Hawaii opted out of DST in 1967, so that Arizona is perpetually fixed to non-DST Mountain Standard Time.

Calvin Schermerhorn of Arizona State University explains some of the benefits in an interview about DST:

Arizona participated in daylight saving time in 1967, but energy consumption soared. In most of the country, an extra hour of daylight supposedly saved fuel used to heat and light buildings. But in most of the state, the scheme worked in reverse: air conditioners had to run longer. Businesses and schools paid more, farmers did not benefit, and parents also resented an extra hour of scorching sunlight for kids since the saving lengthened the hot afternoon.

Many state lawmakers are trying to roll back Daylight Savings Time. In my home state of Texas, it’s even a bipartisan effort.

States across the country are picking up the gauntlet and ready to end this silliness: in California, in Pennsylvania, in Washington State, in Missouri, in Idaho, in Kansas, and Michigan, and probably others.

Government interferes with every other aspect of our lives. Why continue letting them manipulate our most precious resource?

It’s way past time to eliminate Daylight Savings Time.


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