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Cowardly Democrats Stuff Anti-Semitism Into an Overcrowded “Hate” Bill

What a shame.

Democrats had a chance to look like the “good guys” here, but they wimped out – big time.

Let’s be honest. As I pointed out last week at my other gig (check it out here), the oh-so-woke Democrat party, so sure of their own virtue in the age of Trumpism have zero room to point at Republicans and cry, “Fascists!” when their own party has a problem with good ‘ol fashioned Jew hatred.

I can see the liberal left clutching for those pearls now. Save it for someone ready to believe the charade.

So let’s jump into it.

The Democrat-led House voted on a broadly worded bill Friday, condemning “hate.”

The bill was inspired by the controversy kicked up by freshman Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (Minnesota).

Omar, a Somali-American, is brimming with hatred for Israel, and has made so many anti-Israel, anti-Jew comments since being sworn in, that the old guard Democrats have been left scrambling to try and explain away, or outright cover up this “new” voice of the party.

American Jews vote overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats, but if they ever got the very real notion that the party they’ve embraced really doesn’t value them, beyond their vote, where do you think they would turn?

Seasoned Democrats recognize the value of keeping special interest groups tethered to the left. This new crop of radicals, however, are speaking their truth.

Their truth, of course, is hogwash, but no one on the left has the guts to shut them down.

But Susan, they voted to condemn hate, including anti-Semitism! There were 23 Republicans that voted against this bill! Doesn’t that prove that Democrats are the party of love, ice cream, sunshine, and puppies?

There. That was to take care of the inevitable cries of protest from my left-of-center readers.

My short answer to that is: COWARDS!

When the opportunity to condemn anti-Semitism, outright, was presented earlier this week, Democrats shelved the vote and circled the wagons around Omar, as well as Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib – another new face with that same old axe to grind against Israel.

This new bill (H.R. 183) presented on the floor did not specifically call out anti-Semitism, which, disturbingly, is on the rise again, around the world (and in our own government).

We have not learned from the past.

The measure condemning “anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, and other forms of bigotry” easily passed the lower chamber in a vote of 407-23.

Republicans, such as Representatives Liz Cheney (Wyoming), Louie Gohmert (Texas), and Lee Zeldin (New York) voted against it, with Gohmert and Zeldin giving floor speeches.

In addition to Cheney, Zeldin and Gohmert, Republicans who voted against the bill included: Reps. Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Mo Brooks (Ala.), Ken Buck (Colo.), Ted Budd (N.C.), Michael Burgess (Texas), Chris Collins(N.Y.), Mike Conaway (Texas), Rick Crawford (Ark.), Jeff Duncan (S.C.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Tom Graves (Ga.), Peter King (N.Y.), Doug LaMalfa (Calif.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Steven Palazzo (Miss.), Mike Rogers (Ala.), Chip Roy (Texas), Greg Steube (Fla.), Mark Walker (N.C.) and Ted Yoho(Fla.).

The crux of their arguments were that passing a bill that was a blanket cover for generic “hate” took away from the ugly sting of anti-Semitism being expressed by elected officials on the left.

This is where most liberals start bouncing off the walls and gurgling something out about Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King.

Nice try.

King’s own hateful comments were met with dismissal from the House Judiciary and Agriculture committees.

Omar still sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


Well, the sniveling, hypocritical cowardice of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress.

Yes, I know. Republicans are pretty awful these days, but you Democrats aren’t really in a position to point fingers, either. Clean up your own house.

The final version of the resolution “encourages all public officials to confront the reality of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, and other forms of bigotry, as well as historical struggles against them, to ensure that the United States will live up to the transcendent principles of tolerance, religious freedom, and equal protection as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the first and 14th amendments to the Constitution.”

It also includes language condemning Japanese internment camps in World War II, the century-old Dreyfus affair in France, former President Kennedy being questioned over Catholicism and the white supremacist events in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.

Democrats made a last-minute change Thursday to add Latinos, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, and the LGBT community to the list of “traditionally persecuted peoples” targeted by white supremacists. The previous version unveiled earlier in the day only included “African-Americans, Native Americans, and other people of color, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, immigrants, and others.”

That’s right – just throw the kitchen sink in there, so the reason a need for this legislation was raised gets lost in the rush.

The reason was Democrats elected several open anti-Semites to Congress.

It wasn’t simply Republicans that saw the wrong with this bill. Several Democrats, who also happen to be Jewish, were quite disappointed with how the bill was crafted.

“Why are we unable to singularly condemn anti-Semitism?” Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) said on the floor earlier in the day. “Why can’t we call it anti-Semitism and show we’ve learned the lessons of history?”

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said on the floor shortly before the vote Thursday evening that Omar’s comments “touched a very real, very raw place for me.”

“And my desire for the House to go on record again specifically condemning anti-Semitism wasn’t a desire to single the gentlewoman out or to stifle debate on U.S. policy toward Israel,” Engel said. “But it was a desire and need to say that certain words, no matter who utters them, have no place in our public discourse and indeed can be very dangerous.”

Yes they can.

Other Democrats, such as House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Maryland) attempted to walk the fence.

“Accusations that Jews bear dual allegiance because of support for Israel or concerns for its safety are false and they are also hurtful. Comments that must be exposed for what they are — bigotry. They elicit fear and uncertainty in the individuals and communities they target,” he said on the floor ahead of the vote. “In much the same way, we have also seen vile examples of hatred aimed at painting Muslim Americans as somehow disloyal to our nation, or not fully belonging, causing similar feelings of insecurity and distress.”

Pretty weak, Hoyer.

GOP lawmakers — who managed to overwhelmingly pass a motion to recommit that amended a resolution on Yemen to include language condemning anti-Semitism earlier this year in response to a separate incident involving Omar — called for Democrats to take a harder line with the freshman representative.

Democrat leaders, like Pelosi are attempting to whitewash Omar’s comments.

“I don’t believe it was intended in an anti-Semitic way. But the fact is if that’s how it was interpreted, we have to remove all doubt,” Pelosi told reporters on Thursday.

You didn’t.

Kick Omar off of the Foreign Affairs committee, to send a message, and then maybe we can believe there’s a desire within the party to let go of that hidden hate.

Otherwise, this is all just for show.

And Jewish votes.


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