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Roger Stone Runs Afoul of Mueller Probe – AGAIN

Longtime Trump associate and professed “unofficial” adviser, Roger Stone, is in the hot seat, like so many of the president’s associates.

Stone was indicted in late January on charges of lying to federal investigators, obstructing the investigation by the House Intelligence Committee, and witness tampering, for his threats against radio host Randy Credico.

Credico, another Trump supporter, was in touch with WikiLeaks boss, Julian Assange in 2016, in regards to the hacked DNC emails.

It would seem that the pre-dawn raid by federal authorities of Stone’s South Florida home would sober him up to the trouble he’s in.

It did not.

After posting bail in a federal court, the clownish Stone set off on a publicity tour, basking in the newly awakened infamy he felt the exposure afforded him.

Of course, one of this first stops was InfoWars, where he proclaimed his innocence and swore he’d never turn on his pal of 40 years, Donald Trump.

Along the way, in his usual bombastic styling, Stone released an image on social media of the judge in his case, Judge Amy Berman Jackson, with images of crosshairs near her head.

He quickly took the image down, but the damage was done.

Can we go ahead and say how completely dumb that was of him?

The judge quickly had him back in court and slapped a strict gag order on him, allowing him only to declare his innocence, but not to insult the judge, or special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

It would seem a simple enough request, and were this anyone else, it’s highly unlikely we’d have heard anything else until the trial.

This, however, is Roger Stone. He can’t help himself.

We’re only several weeks out from Judge Jackson imposing the gag order, and he’s already ran afoul.

Earlier Monday, Robert Mueller informed the judge that Stone appeared to be in violation of the gag order, by way of an Instagram post, that seemed to suggest Mueller had framed him.

For those not privy to Stone’s Instagram account, it was a poster image of Roger Stone, along with the caption, “Who framed Roger Stone?”

It caught Mueller’s attention, but not in a good way.

Stone, 66, is barred from criticizing Mueller’s team of prosecutors under the gag order imposed by Judge Amy Berman Jackson in late February. Stone deleted the image from a series of rotating images on an Instagram story he posted shortly after CNBC sent an email to his lawyer asking about it.

If Stone is found by Jackson to have violated that order, she could have him jailed without bail pending his trial.

If that’s not enough, it would appear that Stone’s penchant for self-promotion is driving his impulses.

Several days prior to this posting, Judge Berman questioned Stone’s defense team about a book their client will be releasing that could very well violate the gag order.

Like I said, he can’t help himself, and if his defense team are letting him get away with such shenanigans, he may need to seek counsel elsewhere.

For now, the story is still developing, but I suspect before the week is out, Mr. Stone will be making another visit to Jackson’s courtroom.


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