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Biden Recants: Devout Christians Are Not Decent People

Joe Biden rocked the boat and had to apologize for it.

Some have described Joe Biden as a “one-man gaffe machine.”  Dennis Miller said that if we could peer into his skull, we would see Nancy Pelosi in an empty jail-cell.

While Joe Biden began to fade from the national memory, except when brought up to renew the hopes of those who long for the now term-limited Obama, his political style cannot be forgotten.  Joe says whatever he wants to.  And as Obama’s understudy, the buzz regarding a potential 2020 run is confronted by that unforgettable style.

Biden says and does some incredibly stupid things.  Most of the time, they irk the right. Other times, Biden reveals that he might not be as far left as the Kamalas, the Bookers, or the Bernies.   

To that end, Biden has the audacity to compliment Vice President Mike Pence.

Joe called Mike a “decent guy.”

Cue outrage…

The Hill reported that Joe Biden has recanted.  The left has demanded that Biden correct his thought crime.  How dare Biden say anything nice about Mike Pence?

The report explains the obvious reason why Biden had to recant.

Liberals have gone so far left that thought crimes must be punished.  I have often wondered whether this new political climate in liberalism would have any room for Hillary Clinton or even Obama.

Joe Biden is a relic of a bygone age. Differences in opinion, policy, or theology used to not be reasons to hate someone.

Thomas Jefferson said “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

Yet individuals like Joe Biden are urged by the left, on dogmatic grounds, to “stop associating with the political enemy.”

The Hill cites an NBC story from 2017 that said, “Biden is friendly with Pence and at that time spoke to him about once a month.”

This should have been a good thing.  It’s like the George W. Bush and Michelle Obama stories. For someone who wants to run for office in what is arguably a divided nation, one would think that the left would embrace someone who extols the virtues of tolerance in the political setting. 

But we all know that political tolerance is not their aim.  This story damages Biden.  It shows him to be an out of touch fossil who has not updated his operating system to match that of the current left. 

Biden, in pursuit of political power, will surely accede to their demands. And he already has by recanting.  But they will not honor his gesture.


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