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#7 The Climate Kids And An Org Chart

Larry Kraft started working with iMatter in 2014. I am not sure how he feels about the whole get rid of the cow part of the Green New Deal. He has professed a love for ice cream in his profile. But it appears he took over as Executive Director when Victoria Loorz left the day to day operations.

Prior to iMatter, Kraft was a successful Sales and Marketing executive. In 2013 he took his family on a global trip with a very heavy emphasis on the environment. He wrote content for The Wilderness Classroom and got other media hits during the trip.

Since his involvement in iMatter, the organization has become a part of a number of networks and received $275,000 in grants from the McKnight Foundation. iMatter has also joined the US Climate Action Network (USCAN) and Power Shift.

These networking organizations are very important. They assist like-minded organizations with collaboration and feet on the ground. Power Shift in particular focuses of the networking of youth involved movements. USCAN focuses more broadly. Members overlap between the two organizations and it is not surprising iMatter’s older sibling, the Sunrise Movement, is also a member of both.

To illustrate the important role these aggregate membership groups play, let’s look at the children in Dianne Feinstein’s office. The group leaders wore Sunrise t-shirts.

So you would assume the children would be from their youth partner iMatter, right? Wrong. They are actually from a group called Youth vs. Apocalypse. Great name for a kids organization, right? No doom and gloom there.

And these kids are very upset you don’t think they came up with this all on their own.

Do you remember being a Girl Scout or a Boy Scout and feeling like you and your peers were in charge? A good leader in a youth group can provide that sense of accomplishment. But truth is the adult leaders were guides and teachers in the process.

Consider these children’s groups the Climate Scouts. In this case, the group is part of an initiative from the local group in the Bay Area. Like a Scout leader, they have a Youth Coordinator. From the Bay Area 2018 report:

Our Youth Coordinator has developed curriculum that reveals connections between issues students care about most and climate change, and offers examples of and opportunities for youth activism. The youth organizer has presented this in classes and offered the curriculum as a consultant to other youth programs in the Bay Area and beyond.

So an adult goes into schools and links climate to what kids care about and then tells them life as they know it is over in 12 years. And this adult is part of a local chapter of an international organization. As you might expect,, the parent organization, is also a part of USCAN and Power Shift

So this group of kids in the Bay Area has been taught and coached by adults, mobilized and transported by adults and branded in support of other organizations by adults. In 2018 they participated as:

  • Climate protesters for another youth climate group Zero Hour
  • Immigration advocates for RISE
  • Protestors at Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco offices for Sunrise

And they even have really cool campfire songs:

This is just one example based on a recent event of how these groups work together and bloat each other’s protests under different banners to make it look like the scale is much larger. Today they are Sunrise. Next week they might be Zero Hour. Same kids, different banner. Just like we saw in the protest outside Chuck Schumer’s office.

A search of the word “youth” on the international site returns 529 results of endorsements and actions. And here is their Senior Advisor and Co-Founder Bill McKibben telling you where these kids will be next:


Yes, that was the sign Greta Thunberg propped up outside the Swedish Parliament. And now McKibben and his network want your kids skipping school. How does that happen? Different org chart, same process.


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