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Bernard Moneybags Sanders

An impressive first week of fundraising has given the Sanders’ campaign an early boost.

A report from Axios says that Bernie Sanders has raised $10,000,000 from individual donors over the past week since announcing his candidacy for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Axios also says that these donations came from 360,000 people who, on average, donated only $26.  The report points out that only 0.0002% of donors gave the highest amount permitted by law. Many of Sanders’ donors are young and most did not donate previously to his 2016 campaign.

This amount of cash puts the Sanders’ campaign ahead of all the other 2020 Democratic candidates.

But of course, my inner socialist wants to say, “think of all the poor children $10,000,000 could feed. It must be redistributed!”

The left has a special place in its heart for campaign finance.  It rails against dark money in politics all the while permitting shady dealings, as Stacey Lennox has chronicled in her articles regarding the Green New Deal.  It rails against corporate influence and one-sided political support from mega-donors, yet it is perfectly okay with Union donations and the ultra-rich backing liberal causes and campaigns.  And of course, it rails against the amount of cash needed to run for office while simultaneously building up its own war chest for political campaigns.

Liberals like the Krassensteins (left-wing twitter trolls who just have to be the first ones to reply to Trump’s tweets) love to point out that the five billion dollars needed for a wall could actually be used for ending hunger or providing homes for veterans.  I wonder what the threshold is for directing money to more noble causes… Does it apply for campaign cash?

According to Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton raised $1.191 billion for the 2016 election.  Trump raised $646.6 million.  Politics is an expensive business. And when money is involved in tandem with one’s own goals, socialists suddenly turn into the bitter and greedy capitalists, unable and unwilling to share their funds for the greater good.

If you remember back to the 2018 midterm, Robert O’Rourke raised a substantial sum of money for his senate run. The Hill reported that he would not be sharing his $38 million with other democratic candidates.

Sanders was able to raise this amount in just a week.  Obviously, that pattern may drop off soon or it could continue.  In either case, Sanders will be raising a boatload of money early on in this election cycle.  While totals for other candidates are substantially lower than the amount donated to the Sanders campaign, I expect that as candidates gain exposure, as the field expands and eventually contracts, donations will increase.  And in that scenario, we still have to appeal to their socialist hearts.

Put your money where your socialist mouth is. Give the money up to a cause more worthy than your own selfish pursuit of political power if you actually care about the principles you espouse.  They will tell you that they can’t do that because only they are capable of bringing about the true socialist utopia.  Only Bernard will do it the right way.

This is patently idiotic as everyone on the left is doing a poor job of running toward the center.  They are all trying to out leftwing each other.  So all that cash will be spent in a futile attempt to one up each other’s socialism when they could have dropped out early, consolidated the field, and used that money for good purposes.

I actually think that a consolidated field of candidates would help the Democratic Party in 2020.  I think they should pair up soon, run in the primary with a VP already in mind.  And maybe they should encourage others to stop running a doomed campaign.  Maybe someone like Elizabeth Warren should drop out in support of Bernie, she can tell her donors to give the money to charity, and maybe she could salvage her reputation as a person.  It’s just an idea.

I seriously doubt that Bernieboy is going to forsake his new found campaign cash.


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