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#6 iMatter And The Church Of Gaia

Recently we were all witness to some distraught children in Dianne Feinstein’s office. One little girl struck me in particular. A girl with strawberry blond hair in the front who seemed to convey genuine terror over what she understood to be the consequences of climate inaction. Yes, she interrupted the Senator. Was it because she was rude or was it because she is terrified her world is a ticking time bomb? I would argue based on her facial expressions, it is likely the latter.

Yet Sunrise, the “cool kids in the climate movement” has committed to building a youth movement around climate advocacy. To spread this doom and gloom message to more children. To make them believe the predictions of a movement that has gotten everything wrong for my entire life. Make them believe there is an existential threat to their very lives at some point in the not too distant future.

When premiering his movie An Inconvenient Truth as Sundance in January of 2006 Al Gore made a dire prediction:

And politicians and corporations have been ignoring the issue for decades, to the point that unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return, Gore said.
He sees the situation as “a true planetary emergency.”
“If you accept the truth of that, then nothing else really matters that much,” Gore said in an interview with The Associated Press. “We have to organize quickly to come up with a coherent and really strong response, and that’s what I’m devoting myself to.

“2006: Al Gore Does Sundance”, Jaclyn Schiff, Associated Press, January 26, 2006

Gore was speaking on the “consensus” of the climate cabal at the time regarding the impact of carbon emissions. That was thirteen years ago. Some would say that according to the scientific method if your results don’t support your hypothesis, your hypothesis may be wrong.

So now we are at T minus 12 years until the end of the world. At least that is what Best Supporting Actress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said recently. A new sense of urgency for a new generation. And Sunrise is bringing that message to our youngest generation through a partnership with iMatter.

Having researched the creation of Greta Thunberg, I fully expected to see Sunrise partner with Zero Hour, founded in the U.S. by the teen climate activist Jamie Margolin. Like Thunberg, she has been catapulted to the global stage and garnered quite a bit of media attention. She also embraces the full intersectional SJW wish list because her group is led solely by women of color. But when you go to the volunteer page on Sunrise’s website, it redirects you to iMatter.

Like their partners the Sunrise Movement, iMatter is laser focused on the Green New Deal.

And maybe you’ve been wondering how you can get involved at a local level. That’s why iMatter and the Sunrise Movement have partnered up to bring a Green New Deal campaign to high schoolers (and middle schoolers!) across the U.S.

iMatter Home page

Middle schoolers and younger it appears from some of the pictures on their website. Especially since they have an Under 13 Program Coordinator.

Starting from our launch call on January 13th, we will be going all in for a six-week campaign to bring Green New Deal resolutions to our local governments. City councils, town boards, county commissions all pass resolutions to demonstrate a symbolic commitment. At the end of February 2019, we’ll be packing town halls and council chambers, sharing our stories and calling on our local elected officials to stand up for a just and liveable future, to show the federal government that communities coast-to-coast demand a Green New Deal.

iMatter Home page, emphasis theirs

Much like the protest in Feinstein’s office, it seems the plan is to flood city offices with children convinced life as we know it will end in 12 years. I think the actual plan is to motivate children for an event on March 15th, but I will tie that in later.

Like Sunrise,, Sierra Club, People’s Climate Movement and the Climate Action Network, the children who join iMatter are given video training with a youth climate leader and are provided with materials and templates to launch their own local chapter. This is not surprising since they are a member of the Climate Action Netork.

Centralized training and administrative support, local action. This is a very important template and one that you will see used by organizations such as Climate Reality, Tides Advocacy, and the Justice Democrats. How much easier is it to run a campaign, coordinate a protest or start a local group if all the hard and sometimes expensive work is done for you? The answer is, much easier and the far Left has it down to a science.

iMatter was founded in 2007 by mother and son duo Alec and Victoria Loonz. At the time Alec was 13 and the organization was called Kids versus Global Warming. According to a blog post in September of 2017, Victoria gave up day to day operation of the group to return to her roots. Her roots are as a Pastor in the Ojai Church of The Wild. From the website:

A new expression of church that participates in the evolving story of God told through sacred narratives, wilderness and our lives. Church is not a building or a set of beliefs, it is a Conversation.

Church of the Wild is a gathering for those who are allured by the call into the Great Conversation between all things as a pathway to personal wholeness and societal transformation. 

We meet outside, on the edges of Ojai’s wilderness, because nature reflects not only glimpses of God, but mirrors an inner reality as well. This call to the edges is a call to wildness, to our True Selves, to a direct encounter with God through the face of nature and one another.  

All hail Gaia! This is straight up nature worship even though it uses refrences to God:

WE MEET OUTSIDE, USUALLY ON SUNDAYS. In different spaces throughout the Ojai Valley, on the edges of the wilderness.

Preachers include blue jays and barren river bottoms and thistle down.  

Readings come from the first book of God, imprinted in all of nature as well as the works of mystics, poets, visionaries…and one another.

Church, to us, is a place where Mystery is experienced, not explained.

She is now building The Common Ground Network. There it seems as if the pretense of God is abandoned:

To develop and liberate a common voice for the Earth as a place of sacred beauty, joy, and reverence, we are launching the Common Ground Network to bring together people who experience the Earth as sacred, even as we may express it differently. We seek to restore a religious sensibility to the conservation movement, awaken the slumbering potential of faith communities as voices for the Earth, take a long view even as our fears and anxieties urge us toward short-term crisis thinking, and speak from our hearts about the land, our home, our love.

So steeped in this mindset was her son, Alec is now 22 and a Spiritual Ecology Fellow with the Kalliopeia Foundation.

From the Foundation’s Home Page:

We envision a future rooted in fundamental values, such as compassion, respect, dignity, reverence for nature, and care for each other and the Earth. Our work strives to embody the following core principles:

Life Is Sacred: Honoring all life as sacred; expressing reverence for one another, the Earth, and life as a whole.

Interconnectedness: Approaching ecology, culture, and spirituality as inextricably interdependent.

Innovation: Generating creative ideas and outcomes through simple, meaningful engagement with others and the Earth.

Service: Embracing an ethic of care—the essential and natural aspiration to respond to needs beyond our own.

I am sure it will thrill you to know this Foundation, whose founder, Barbara Sargent is a disciple of Sheik Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and steeped in the Seven Pillars, has been creating Common Core compliant materials for use in public and private schools since 2006.

So the children in the group that has become iMatter were led by a woman who was steeped in the worship of Gaia for 10 years. Climate activism as religion to be passed down to children takes on a whole new meaning in light of this.

Victoria’s good-bye post was not dated with a year. However, she claimed a decade of service with the group which started in 2007. I assume she handed over the reins in September of 2017. Around the same time, the Sunrise movement started up operations. Another coincidence I am sure.

She and Alec still serve as members of the Advisory Board helping to set direction for the group. The Executive Director is now a man named Larry Kraft. More about Larry and March 15th in the next post.


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