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To the DNC: Can You Please Clarify?

This is great. I am not sure if the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is taking a page out of the 2016 Republican playbook or if they just started to notice their party has been infiltrated. According to The Hill:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is reportedly planning to ask 2020 candidates to certify in writing that they plan to run, and if elected, serve, as Democrats.

Top party officials plan to meet with campaigns next week, according to CNN, and will ask candidates to sign an “affirmation form” committing to run as Democrats.

“DNC wants 2020 candidates to certify they will run as Dems”, Avery Anapol, The Hill, February 20, 2019

One interpretation here is that they are trying to ensure a candidate such as Bernie Sanders does not launch an independent run. Reports are saying he raised nearly $6 million in the first twenty-four hours of his candidacy. This is more than any other announced candidate. Republicans had a similar concern about Donald Trump during the primary and asked for a similar pledge.

However, the wording here could lead a person to a different conclusion. And I honestly think it is the correct one. The DNC actually wants candidates to represent the Democrat’s platform. That could be a little tricker.

Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist. Former members of his campaign founded the Justice Democrats. The Justice Democrats worked with the Democratic Socialists of America to support candidates who align with the DSA platform. Which looks a lot like the Justice Democrats platform. Bernie Sanders endorses these policies and is the sponsor of the expanded version of Medicare for All.

Similarly, Kamala Harris has run left and embraced many of the DSA’s primary policies, including the Green New Deal. So has every other currently announced major candidate.

It is hard to tell exactly what Kirsten Gillibrand stands for since she has taken just about every position on every major policy issue in her political career. However, her latest ideas are abolishing ICE, tearing down existing border walls and participating with the anti-semitic Women’s March.

Elizabeth Warren has a current proposal to begin indoctrinating children aged zero to four with a nationalized day care curriculum. And Cory Booker wants to ban beef .

This might leave Amy Klobuchar as the only actual Democrat running. Except for that whole Green New Deal thing aimed at transforming our economy.

I am not sure when the DNC fell asleep. Or if they failed to realize the monster they were creating. By pandering to the intersectional left and abandoning working and middle-class voters, their primary base is now far left. Even Hillary Clinton noted that running as a capitalist in the 2016 primary probably hurt her. And the head of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn’t or wouldn’t differentiate between Democrats and Socialists during the election:

The strategy to take over the Democrat party was explicitly articulated by the founder of the DSA Michael Harrington in 1988. The theory was even reiterated by Bernie Sanders during the 2016 general election. From The Hill:

He [Bernie Sanders] reasoned that unlike in a parliamentary system, the choice is binary, so supporters of the Vermont senator will only be hurting their cause if they flee the Democratic Party.  

And never forget, Tom Perez, Chair of the DNC made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the new face of the Democrat party. And the MSM couldn’t get enough of her. She was elected as a Democratic Socialist and campaigned as a Democratic Socialist.

Perhaps it was when Donald Trump directly attacked the idea of socialism at the State of the Union and earned a 76% approval rating. Maybe someone actually peeked at a congressional map and figured out all the Democrats gains were made in more moderate suburban districts.

In either case, the DNC is in a pickle. If the primary candidate runs left and moderates in the general, the base stays home. If they don’t moderate, they risk losing independent and suburban voters.

There are several very good reasons to believe this insurgency in the Democrat party will be far more problematic than the Tea Party was for Republicans. And the digitally savvy revolutionaries have been kind enough to use the interwebz to tell us exactly how. Stay tuned.


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