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Actually, You Are A Democratic Socialist

We are living in a world where the appropriate classification of things doesn’t matter. For example, many people on the political left still refer to themselves as liberal. Yet most of the policies they espouse and their social justice mob mentality are not liberal by any definition of the word. In fact, their calls for hate speech laws and insistence on political correctness is actually illiberal.

Enter Kamala Harris. Today she was questioned in New Hampshire about how far left she would go to compete with the recently announced Bernie Sanders. Sanders won the primary there in 2016. This is her response:

M’kay. She’s not a “Democratic Socialist”. She just signs on to all of their policy prescriptions and comes up with a few of her own.

In July of this year, Harris introduced the Rent Relief Act. It would subsidize the rent of anyone making a salary of up to $125,000 who paid more than 30% of their salary in rent. The top income for eligibility would depend on where you live. But seeing as a family of four living in San Francisco making $117,000 is considered low income, you can see where this policy is directed.

The goal is propping up blue states where housing shortages are common due to poor policy choices. In fact, California is responsible for the entire increase in the nationwide homeless population for 2017 and the problem is getting worse.

But surely government rent subsidies will lower the cost of housing. Just like it lowered college tuition. And medical costs. What California and other high-cost housing markets actually need is more housing. Not having the rest of the country subsidize their terrible policies.

But this is not at all centralized redistribution. Or some kind of socialist housing guarantee. Go with that Kamala. Just forget the Democratic Socialists of America see housing as a “right”.

Next, she eagerly signed on to both Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. You know whose platform demands Medicare for All? The Democratic Socialists of America. In fact, they are the primary proponents of eliminating private health insurance. Who said that in an interview with CNN?

That would be Kamala Harris. Meanwhile, the Democrat’s platform calls for preserving Obamacare.

Then Harris couldn’t wait to sign on to the Green New Deal. Yes, the one put forth by Representative of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Nevermind Ocasio-Cortez was supported by the Democratic Socialists of America and the Justice Democrats (but I repeat myself) during her primary and general election campaigns. Note both groups support the Green New Deal with the goal of transforming our economy. Democrats want to work on clean energy and emissions reductions and re-enter the Paris agreement.

Much like you are what you eat, as a politician you are what you endorse. Kamala Harris is endorsing policies straight out of the Democratic Socialist playbook. So she can deny her affiliation, but I prefer to classify her by her actions. And as of now, it seems she is a U.S. Senator from California who embraces the policies of the Democratic Socialist of America. But she identifes as a Democrat.

And she wants to be your President.


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