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Who Are the Best and Worst Presidents?

It’s Presidents’ Day!

As we celebrate the various presidents, there is endless debate regarding the best and worst presidents.

I want your opinion.  Give me your top 3 best and bottom 3 worst presidents. 

Historians can throw data sets, opinion polling, and surveys of other historians in our faces, but we all know that it’s probably more subjective than all that.  Give me your reasons for ranking them the way you did.

If you want something to go off of, here is a chart from C-Span ranking the presidents.

And if you don’t need that, but would like a list to jog your memory, here it is.

1. George Washington                       

 2. John Adams                                   

 3. Thomas Jefferson                                         

 4. James Madison                                             

 5. James Monroe                                               

 6. John Quincy Adams                                     

 7. Andrew Jackson                                            

 8. Martin Van Buren                                         

 9. William Henry Harrison                                               

10. John Tyler                                     

11. James K. Polk                                               

12. Zachary Taylor                                            

13. Millard Fillmore                                            

14. Franklin Pierce                                              

15. James Buchanan                                         

16. Abraham Lincoln                                        

17. Andrew Johnson                                          

18. Ulysses S. Grant                                           

19. Rutherford B. Hayes                                   

20. James Garfield                                             

21. Chester Arthur                                              

22. Grover Cleveland                                         

23. Benjamin Harrison                                      

24. Grover Cleveland                                         

25. William McKinley                                        

26. Theodore Roosevelt                                    

27. William Howard Taft                                  

28. Woodrow Wilson                                         

29. Warren G. Harding                                      

30. Calvin Coolidge                                           

31. Herbert Hoover                                            

32. Franklin D. Roosevelt                                 

33. Harry S. Truman                                          

34. Dwight Eisenhower                                      

35. John F. Kennedy                                          

36. Lyndon B. Johnson                                     

37. Richard Nixon                                              

38. Gerald Ford                                   

39. Jimmy Carter                                

40. Ronald Reagan                                            

41. George Bush                                 

42. Bill Clinton                                    

43. George W. Bush                                           

44. Barack Obama                                            

45. Donald Trump

Let me know in the comments.


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