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“Empire” Actor, Jussie Smollett Attack Claims May Be a Hoax

How starved for attention must he be?

This warrants a background check for prior mental issues, because when somebody goes high profile with their victimhood, it really is a cry for help.

Unfortunately, lies tend to travel much faster, and there will always be those who, when faced with the truth, will choose to close their eyes and plug their ears, preferring the lie because it fits their preferred narrative.

This attitude does not help those who are troubled and in need of psychological intervention, like actor/singer Jussie Smollett.

So here’s the background:

Smollett found his fame with the show, “Empire,” and on January 29, at 2am in the morning on a Chicago street, he reportedly was jumped by two men in black.

According to Smollett, they put a noose around his neck, poured bleach, or some other substance on him, and told him he was in “MAGA country.”

Smollett, who is gay, said they also used racist and homophobic slurs during the attack.

That sounds like a trifecta of villainy, given the hypersensitive day and age we live in.

Not only were the attackers racists, but they were Trump supporters and somehow knew who Smollett was, and that he was gay!

You had to know there was something fishy when the doorman of Smollett’s hotel said he entered the lobby and strolled past everyone, noose still hanging around his neck, and didn’t ask anyone for help.

The news the following day was full of the predictable pearl-clutching and virtue signaling.

Smollett’s co-stars voiced their support. Gay rights groups and race pimps strapped on their marching boots and prepared for the usual PR onslaught.

As for Smollett, he was treated like the brave survivor, keeping a stiff upper lip, doing television interviews and concerts, declaring his strength.

It was all very powerful.

It was also very much a lie.

According to Chicago police, it was one, big scam.

Police spent much of Thursday interviewing two persons of interest in the case, who are believed to have been seen on surveillance images on the night of the attack.

Rob Elgas, a reporter at ABC 7 in Chicago, reported Thursday afternoon that “multiple sources” said that Smollett and the two men staged the attack because his character was being written off the show. Brad Edwards, a reporter at CBS Chicago, cited a source who said that investigators believe the “non-cooperating 2 witnesses are co-conspirators in a potentially staged attack.”

A spokeswoman for Smollett, Pamela Sharp, blew off the reports, saying her client had been consistent in his claims and had fully cooperated with authorities.

Consistent, or rehearsed?

Police have not commented on the report. Earlier Thursday, police said they were questioning the two men but that they were not considered suspects. Local media reported that one of the men had appeared as an extra on “Empire.” Elgas reported that Smollett did not appear for a scheduled interview on Thursday. Sharp contradicted that, saying that Smollett did answer additional police questions in person on Thursday.

Charlie De Mar, a reporter at CBS Chicago, spoke Thursday with family members of the two men who were being questioned. They told De Mar that the men are brothers, and are from Nigeria. They left for Nigeria on the day of the attack, De Mar reported. The police reportedly asked the family members if they knew Smollett. De Mar posted a search warrant receipt, showing that investigators had found a laptop, shoes, and bleach at the home.

Two days after the alleged attack, there were already questions.


Authorities aren’t ready to confirm or deny the new details, at this point.

A police spokesman said on Twitter he would not release details of the investigation while the men are being questioned.

“Media reports of investigative details cannot be confirmed at this time,” spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

So let’s just hang on to this one. We still don’t know where it will go, but for now, it’s not looking good for Smollett.

In the meantime, there’s more accurate footage available of the attack.


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