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Coulter Summons the Ghost of Trumpism Past

Ann Coulter is at a loss for words, and rightfully so.  The president is way off course.

In a radio interview yesterday, Ann Coulter discussed the central failing of the first Bush Administration’s re-election.  While some took issue with her calling Bush and Trump wimps during the government shutdown, the fact remained that Bush doomed himself by going back on his word.

Coulter points out that “read my lips, no new taxes” was not even a main campaign promise, reiterated a thousand times over during the campaign.  Rather, it was a statement made during the convention that stuck in the minds of voters.

As we all know, Bush signed legislation that raised taxes, thereby breaking his promise.

Breaking a promise is the death knell of good intentions.  If the intentions were sincere, the promise would have been kept.  Coincidentally, voters don’t like being lied to.

Coulter’s column from yesterday begins with  “On account of the president’s cowardly retreat from the wall, Ann Coulter is too angry to type. In her place, we present a guest columnist outraged at the president’s capitulation.” To that point, she lists almost two dozen examples of Trump’s promises regarding the wall and immigration. The guest columnist is Trump himself, albeit via compiled statements from the past.

Trump’s inescapable problem is that he has spent the entirety of his presidential career, and the run up to it, promising to address immigration and build a wall.  Regardless of what you think of Trump, the eternal trope of politicians failing to keep promises should give us pause. 

That is why Trump is comparable to Bush.  Bush made one promise and was eviscerated by voters upon reelection.  Does Trump think that he can escape that same fate when he doubles down on promises that are increasingly likely not to be kept?

As new details emerge regarding the proposed funding bill, it is apparent that congress has no intention of completing the wall, going so far as to spend billions on foreign boondoggles. 

This is what the national government of the United States is doing:

  • Giving $3 billion for foreign health services.
  • Giving $3.4 billion for refugee assistance.
  • Giving $4.4 billion in international disaster assistance.
  • Giving $5 billion to Ukraine, Jordan, and Israel.

Look, I am all for helping Israel and other nations, depending on what it’s for. But when the pertinent question of the day is “how will we pay for the wall” and democrats turn into budget hawks, I think the content of this bill shows them to be liars as well. A wall is a one-time expense. Yet the federal government can’t scrape together $15 billion?  They can’t even scrape together $5 billion!

As Trump contemplates signing this bill, remember those numbers.  Remember what your elected representatives spend your money on.  Remember that the President operates his own branch of government and is under no obligation to go along with every lousy plan presented by congress.

Trump is going to have to live with the electoral consequences of his action or inaction.  As Coulter describes in her most recent book, Resistance Is Futile, the left could capitalize on Trump’s broken promises (or do they socialize on it?) if only they were more self-aware.  Instead, they focus on Russia, Climate Change, and every other absurdity that makes the rest of America run away from the fringe.

Trump has promised a wall ad infinitum.  If 2020 arrives and there is no wall, Trump can read his base’s lips…No new term in office.  And if the democrats want to win in 2020, they would run with this point until the cows stop farting.


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