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How To Stop A Revolution

It’s a revolution.

I keep seeing it.

Yesterday, it was a news story about a boy competing in a girl’s weightlifting competition simply because he identified as a girl.

Today, it’s news of transgender activists seeking to give the state control over parents who refuse to consent to their children’s desires for gender reassignment.

How did we get here?

There are a lot of answers to that question. It’s never one thing. Those who care about logic, biology, morality, and health can see that this is a problem. But in a world where logic, biology, morality, and health have become over-politicized and over-sexualized, there isn’t much room for common sense.

So what should parents who care about their kids’ well-being do? It can be so overwhelming. They used to say that you can’t fight city hall. Now it seems that you can’t fight the sexual revolution. The decree has been given. The statue has been built. The music is playing. It’s time to bow and it seems as though the furnace is waiting for you if you refuse to fall in line.

Fortunately, the Christian faith has a long history of people refusing to fall in line. Joseph and Job held fast to their integrity and faith in God when doing so seemed to cost them so much. Daniel kept praying. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego kept standing. Peter and John kept speaking.

All of these men, separated by hundreds of years, had one thing in common. They simply remained faithful to God with what was put before them. Some of them would become men of great power and influence, but not before staying true in the little things. Joseph rejected the sexual advances of an aggressive woman. Daniel and his friends wouldn’t eat the king’s food. Their devotion was evident in the small places long before it was in the public spotlight. They weren’t interested in the mere benefits of serving God. For them, God himself was enough.

We would do well to follow their example. If we really want to make a difference and stand against the sexual revolution, we need to think small. Like our fathers in the faith, we need to be faithful with what is put before us.

Great change is made up of millions of small acts of sacrificial devotion.

Christian, if you are married, remain devoted to your spouse. Of course, kids who grow up with divorced parents aren’t destined to failure. But we must not underestimate the impact of divorce on a child’s life. When the world speaks of love, it is primarily thinking about romance and sexual pleasure. While both are certainly important elements of Christian marriage, they are not the foundation. Marriage, in its purest form, is a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. It is not a political act. It is not meant to make any statement other than that God is holy and he loves his people.

If you have kids, love them enough to discipline them wisely. Correct them. Don’t allow their feelings to dictate your guidance. Don’t play games with their gender. Putting a dress on your baby boy because, “You really wanted a girl,” or referring to your daughter as, “the son you never had,” doesn’t help anything. What it does do is confuse your kids and ensure a future for them that includes a lot of confusion and a serious need for counseling. Teach your young son what it means to be a man. Teach your daughter what it means to be a woman. Teach them both that the worth of all men and women is found, not in their feelings but in the reality that they are created in God’s image. Make sure that they learn about sex from you–not the kids on the bus, the health teacher at school, or whatever is on their phone. Have The Talk with them early. Have it often.

Teach your children how to engage the culture critically. When you see lifestyles on display that are clearly opposed to the teaching of Scripture, talk to your children about it. Don’t allow sin to be normalized to them. This applies just as much to a TV show that praises serial heterosexual adultery as it does to commercials that secretly push an LGBTQ agenda.

Finally, take a look at your own life. It will be very hard for you to speak with authority on matters of human sexuality while you are consuming pornography or indulging in inappropriate sexual or romantic relationships. Remember, the goal is not to ensure that your kids grow up to be heterosexual. It is to see that they grow up to be holy. Ultimately, the results are up to God. However, the tool he frequently uses in the process is a parent.

Sexual revolutionaries are trying to change the world–even down to matters of biology. Don’t be discouraged by this. You don’t have to counter them with your own attempt to change the world.

Just think smaller.

Be faithful in the little things.

And remember, for everyone of those little things, God is doing a thousand big things beneath the surface.

So just keep showing up.

Keep trusting Jesus.

Keep loving like he does.

Living this way, you may not ever start a revolution. But, at least as far as the people in your sphere of influence are concerned, you just might stop a few.


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