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What Happens When Republicans Can’t Get Elected Anymore?

Republicans nationwide are starting to fret about their long term survival rates. They have reason to be scared. Republican support is falling across every conceivable demographic in America: blacks, Hispanics, Asians, young people, people with college degrees – WOMEN! And the one demographic where they absolutely dominate (older white men without college degrees who live in the country) is rapidly dying off.

So, what happens when Republicans can’t get elected anymore?

I’ve personally had a front row seat to this phenomenon for the last 50 years and I can tell you it ain’t pretty. Until last fall, I spent most of my life in Dekalb County, GA. Now, if you’re a local resident reading this you probably just laughed out loud. Those of you from outside the state might be unfamiliar with the disgrace that is the Dekalb County government.

Dekalb County must hold some world record on graft and incompetence. The sheriff elect was once murdered by the former sheriff who he defeated for reelection. The former county CEO went to jail for attempting to solicit bribes. One former county commissioner and her husband were sent to federal prison for mail and wire fraud. The entire school system lost accreditation and the governor had to remove the school board. We have the infrastructure of a third world country. The power in my old neighborhood went out on a weekly basis. We have boil water advisories every few months. Recent rains have caused raw sewage to overflow into local creeks. The EPA has threatened to shut down all construction until we get the sewage issue corrected.

The government can’t even issue correct water bills. Citizens have been charged thousands of dollars per month because the county apparently installed water meters that were not water proof.

When the county solicited suggestions for a new slogan, hilarity ensued. My personal favorite was “Dekalb County: a work, live, pay to play community.”

The former school superintendent was charged with racketeering and theft. His replacement was so incompetent they paid her $114,583 to not work anymore. The school board continues to be driven by racial divisions.

So, how the hell did all of this happen?

Well, it doesn’t help that the county is governed entirely by Democrats. But you can’t just end there. We’ve taken corruption to a whole new level. The aforementioned county commissioner was a Republican. The black politicians are corrupt. The white politicians are corrupt. Men and women politicians. I don’t know if we have any gay elected officials, but if we do, you can bet that they are also incompetent.

There’s a reason that the county is an entirely owned subsidiary of the Democratic party: 80% of the residents are black. And since Democrats regularly collect upwards of 90% of the black vote, it’s hard for Republicans to win. But I’ve lived there long enough to understand why black voters won’t support Republicans. They had good reason. People ask me what is wrong with Dekalb County and I answer them bluntly: for years the county was run by a bunch of racist old white guys. Now it’s run by a bunch of black people who have decided it’s payback time.

It’s so easy to blame the politicians for being corrupt, but the voters are the ones who keep sending these people back to represent them. And after all the arrests and scandals we had a chance to elect a new county commissioner and what do we do? We picked the guy whose name appeared first alphabetically on the ballot because there were too many candidates to choose from. We almost elected a senile old coot because he was the only one who ran without calling himself a Republican.

My white neighbors are not blameless in all of this. They’ve simply checked out of the process. I was outraged when the school system lost its accreditation, but not a single person I spoke to was concerned. After all, THEIR kids didn’t go to the county schools. Most of them graduated 30 years ago. The few with young children put them in private school. A group even banded together and started their own home schooling academy. When I pointed out that their property values would plummet if the school system failed, they simply shrugged and said they weren’t ever planning to move.

It’s hard to have good government when that many people don’t care.

With all due respect to my friend who is the county chair, I don’t see a point in even HAVING a Dekalb County Republican party anymore. The few that were left got wiped out in the last election. We lost our last Republican State Senator and representatives. We keep putting up good candidates, and Hank Johnson still wins reelection with 80% of the vote. The few pockets of Republicans have flipped because of Trump.

Now, if you DON’T live here, you’re probably thinking to yourself “Well, those people deserve that they get. Why should I care?” Well, you should care because that’s what we’re headed for nationwide. One party government is always bad. If people simply vote for the party in power based on group identity, we all lose. Because neither party has an incentive to put up decent candidates or govern effectively. Corruption takes over. Soon, they can’t even keep the lights on and the water running.

You think I’m exaggerating? One reason blacks refuse to vote for Republicans is because Barry Goldwater opposed civil rights legislation and that was 55 years ago! What if women and Hispanics still refuse to vote Republican 50 years from now because of Trump? Then welcome to the socialist paradise of AOC and crew.

Personally, I solved my own problem: I moved. Because the next county over is run by Republicans – for now. They have one of the best public school and library systems in the country. I’ve been there 6 months and my power hasn’t gone out once. My water bills are correct. My garbage gets picked up every week. My car and homeowner’s insurance went down. But how long will it last? Demographic changes are already turning the county purple. There’s a vote next week on expanding MARTA up here. Will there be anywhere left to move if things go South here?

And what will happen to America if this becomes a trend?


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