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We Gotta Fight…For the Right…To Die From Eradicated Diseases

Hey Hey Ho Ho vaccines have got to go.

As I run out of idiotic chants, The Hill is reporting that there are protests in Washington State regarding the right of parents to refuse to have their children vaccinated.

In this scientific age, the left insists upon believing science as the sole dogma worthy of our praise.  Yet when pseudo-scientific hysteria grips the left coast, they abandon their dogma in some yuppie display of hipster free-range parenting.

Whereas these same people are prone to call others “climate deniers,” the media simply gives these people the moniker “anti-vaccine supporters.”  Or if they are feeling particularly cheeky, “anti-vaxxers.”

I’m sorry, why not call them what they are…vaccine deniers.

The Hill says, “Hundreds of anti-vaccination supporters demonstrated outside a public hearing in Washington state on Friday to protest a bill that would make it harder for families to opt out of mandatory vaccinations for children, the Associated Press reported. The protest took place amid the state’s worse measles outbreak in more than two decades. Health officials have reported at least 56 cases in Washington and Oregon. An estimated 700 people demonstrated in Olympia, Washington, most of whom opposed stricter requirements, The Washington Post reported. The modern anti-vaccination movement has picked up recently, despite research finding that the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) is not linked to autism.”

One would think that the anti-vaccine movement would be strong among backwoods fundamentalists or that a wave of Christian Scientists suddenly produced this mass psychosis, but it’s the irreligious left that is driving this phenomenon.

“The Pacific Northwest hosts some of the nation’s most vocal anti-vaccination activists. Washington, Oregon and Idaho have some of the lowest MMR vaccination rates in the U.S., according to the Center for Disease Control.”

“I want to remind you that the MMR vaccine is extremely safe and highly effective,” Washington state health secretary John Wiesman told lawmakers, according to the Times, adding that “all reputable scientific studies have found no relation between measles and autism.”

Wiesman called on lawmakers to remove exemptions for personal and philosophical reasons, citing the current outbreak. The bill, introduced by state Rep. Paul Harris (R) currently includes medical and religious exemptions, though Harris said he plans to amend the bill to remove those exemptions. “You cannot find a peanut in one of my schools [because of concerns about allergies], but unvaccinated kids are walking around in my schools because of a personal exemption?” Harris said, according to The Post.  “I find it appalling.”

This is probably for the best, but it seems awfully statist.  The reaction to the vaccine denial movement is likely to swing too far in the other direction where every possible vaccine is mandated by law when those vaccines are clearly not the same as MMR.

I am talking about flu shots, the chicken pox vaccine, and other vaccines that could be considered “optional.” There is some discussion that vaccines contain toxins (not that they cause autism, but that repeated exposure to them may have unintended consequences).  This is particularly true of an annual flu shot.  While people worry about dying from the flu, the flu is not really of concern and the flu shot is not as effective when strains change or when the flu shot causes the flu.  Could you imagine if half the people who got the MMR vaccine also got those diseases? And then there is the chicken pox vaccine.  While chicken pox can be harmful in adults, most children tend to turn out just fine despite doctors’ obligatory warning that chicken pox can technically be fatal (so can pulling a hangnail or popping a zit).  Everyone who grew up before 1995 got chicken pox with no possibility of a vaccine and most turn out fine.  Meanwhile, Measles is the leading cause of death among diseases that are preventable by vaccine.

When the scientific consensus is overwhelming, a healthy society must choose for itself, preferably without government coercion, to keep itself healthy.  That involves debunking the talking points of the anti-vax movement.  It involves encouraging individuals to prevent disease in any way they can.

Take this young man from Ohio as described by the DailyWire.

“One Ohio teenager whose mother never had him vaccinated decided to investigate the facts regarding vaccinations, then defy her and get himself vaccinated once he turned 18 in order to protect against six diseases, including mumps and hepatitis. Ethan Lindenberger, 18, from Norwalk, Ohio, was reportedly never vaccinated before because his mother, Jill Wheeler, who owns a children’s theater company, believed the now-discredited claims that vaccines routinely cause autism and brain damage. Ethan had no idea that he was an outlier among his friends until he spoke to them and discovered that he was the only one who hadn’t been vaccinated. The vaccination he finally got guards against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), chickenpox and polio; polio can cause paralysis and in some cases lead to death.”

That is the type of public health curiosity we need. If you are going to oppose vaccinations, it needs to be for a legitimate or arguable reason.

  • Causes autism: No dice
  • Religious objection: Not supported by scripture
  • Other toxins: maybe so, but weigh the cost/benefit of a one-time minute exposure to toxins and the possibility of disease.
  • Celebrities don’t like vaccines: No dice.

Be like Ethan.


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