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Trouble for Virginia Democrats, as Second Fairfax Accuser Comes Forward

The trouble for Virginia Democrats keeps growing.

First, there was Governor Ralph Northam’s med school “blackface” debacle.

For those who have somehow magically missed this bit of chaos, images from Northam’s med school yearbook showed someone in a Ku Klux Klan hood and robe, standing next to a man in blackface.

Oddly, Northam apologized for the poor judgment of the photos. Within a day, with a chorus of calls from his own party for him to step aside swirling around him, he claimed he would not step aside and that the images probably were not of him.

He added that he had “put a little shoe polish” on his face, at one time, to portray Michael Jackson in a school program.

That didn’t really help his case.

Of the top three Democrats in line, beginning with Northam, the week’s news also revealed that the number three man in line for the governorship, Attorney General Mark Herring, had also worn blackface, in the past.

So what about the second in line? That would be Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, and Democrats were anxious to get Northam’s blackface past hidden away, never to be spoken of again.

Unfortunately, Fairfax had his own problems. Namely, a professor by the name of Vanessa Tyson, who came forward this week to announce that in 2004, at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Fairfax had forced her to perform a sexual act on him, against her will.

“What began as consensual kissing quickly turned into a sexual assault,” Tyson, a college professor from California, said in a statement. 

Fairfax has denied the allegation, saying that their interactions were consensual.

“At no time did she express to me any discomfort or concern about our interactions,” he said in a statement.

As I pointed out earlier this week, Democrats are going to have their “believe the victim” mantra, so proudly displayed during the Brett Kavanaugh nightmare, tested.

So far, they’ve been rather noncommittal, apparently afraid to forcefully call for Fairfax to step down.

Maybe Friday’s events will help them along.

There’s another victim.

A lawyer for Meredith Watson said in a statement Friday that Fairfax raped her in 2000 when they were both students at Duke University.

The alleged attack was “premeditated and aggressive,” the statement said. It added that Watson and Fairfax were friends but did not have a romantic relationship.

According to her attorney, Nancy Erika Smith, Watson told several friends her account of sexual assault immediately after it happened.

This is already more credible that anything that came from Christine Blasey Ford or any of the other so-called witnesses that spoke out against Kavanaugh.

Fairfax spokeswoman Lauren Burke told The Washington Post that “we’re calling for an investigation on all of these matters.”

At least one Virginia Democrat has spoken out about the situation with Fairfax: former Governor Terry McAuliffe.

It’s quite the conundrum for Democrats. Their top three men in the capitol are either racists or rapists, and the fourth in line, House Speaker Kirk Cox, is a Republican.

Ok, Democrats – time to check the courage of your convictions, oh, ye defenders of the oppressed. Which is worse? Racists, rapists, or Republicans?

The only way they get out of this without looking like raging hypocrites is to demand Northam, Fairfax, and Herring step aside, and let Cox give it a shot.

I’m not holding my breath.


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