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Green New Deal: Same Old Players Rebranded

The Green New Deal (GND) resolution was unveiled yesterday. It doesn’t differ substantially from the previous version. However, the addition of a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has provided further enlightenment. I am not sure why, but the FAQ’s have been removed from Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s website. The above link should bring you to an archived copy.

The FAQs talk about the need for government to preside over a shift to completely renewable and non-nuclear energy in every sector, public and private life. Included are retrofitting every building in the country, economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work, and ensuring access to nature and green space for everyone. Along with a boatload of other utopian nonsense.

It was at least honest enough to say the polices “may” require a carbon tax or “could” mean cap and trade. But these items are glossed over with babbling about frontline and working class communities. It also uses words like “massive federal investments” and “national mobilization of our economy”. Karl Marx would be thrilled.

And now it seems some want us to think this train wreck is a rookie mistake for Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

Let me be clear. This is no “rookie mistake”. It is the work of a large network of Progressive groups. Many seem to have money from a few large, dark money organizations in their coffers. This template was handed to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by her handlers in the Progressive movement. The same way Kathy Tran was handed a bill promoting infanticide by NARAL.

In full disclosure, I am not a forensic accountant. I have simply looked at the information available on the internet with appropriate sourcing and made it available here.

This article will focus on the Green New Deal and its ties back to the Tides Foundation and their affiliates. There are also ties to the Open Society Foundation organizations and those funded by Tom Steyer. From Influence Watch:

The Tides Foundation’s financial practices have been characterized as “dark money” for allowing contributors (to Tides) to obscure their direction of funds to other left-wing organizations.

Their network is particularly powerful as it provides administrative support and space and well as cash to media organizations, activists and lobbying groups. A brief introduction to Tides if you don’t remember Glenn Beck’s lectures:

Let’s start with the obvious. In September of 2018, Data For Progress published a policy report. They are a Progressive think tank tied to Tides Advocacy, an affiliate of the Tides Foundation. The policy report is titled “A GREEN NEW DEAL: A Progressive Vision for Environmental Sustainability and Economic Stability”. Do you know what is in it? Pretty much every proposal in the Resolution and FAQs released yesterday.

On page 5, the report lays out the elements that need to be accomplished from a policy perspective to realize their goals:

“A GREEN NEW DEAL: A Progressive Vision for Environmental Sustainability and Economic Stability”, page 5, Carlock, Mangan and McElwee, Data for Progress, September 2018

Does it look familiar? It should. The entire thirty-nine-page report is full of the same language, content and full-blown social justice agenda as the documents released by Ocasio-Cortez.

Then, the FAQs on the House Resolution claimed the following:

Created in consultation with multiple groups from environmental community, environmental justice community, and labor community

Green New Deal FAQs published on the website of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on February 7, 2019, subsequently removed.

Being curious I wanted to know what groups may have been involved. The best I could find was a list on the website of the Sunrise Movement:

You may remember the Sunrise Movement from the protest in Nancy Pelosi’s office after the election. Sunrise was initially funded by the Sierra Club, who is also a sponsor of the GND. They have also taken grants from the Tides Foundation. Total coincidence, right?

It appears as if Sunrise is the “grassroots” repository for coordinating action behind the GND. It’s probably just a fluke that one of the two board members used to be on the board of the Sierra Club. Rebranding is something the political left does very well and the Sierra Club is for old hippies. Sunrise is full of new, young, hip faces and cool graphics.

You’ll notice is also a sponsor of the Green New Deal. They are also a grantee of the Tides Foundation. The Center for Popular Democracy (which includes several old chapters of ACORN) and Working Families are also on the list of Tides grantees. Credo is associated with and Indivisible is affiliated with multiple organizations on the list as well as the Tides Foundation.

There’s more, but you see where this is going. The Green New Deal is not the brain child of some energetic, young, newly elected Justice Democrat. The same groups that have been pushing collectivist, Marxist ideas and trying to transform our economy for decades have simply pushed these old ideas under a new green banner.

Then they handed it to a young woman who has been exposed to climate fear mongering for her entire life. She can also speak passionately even if she can’t speak intelligently. And the groups steering the conversation and organizing morphed. They rebranded and emerged as hip new organizations using data and social media to drive the conversation.

Everybody wants clean water. No one has a problem saying let’s plant some trees. And not too many people are going to object to using environmentally friendly energy technologies that are cost-effective and scalable.

But the idea that any of this is possible in ten years no matter what type of “massive” investment is made is ludicrous. The program that funded Solyndra and other clean energy technology investments between 2009 and 2011 cost approximately $36 billion dollars. It created 10,000 jobs and the Department of Energy can identify five wins. These wins affected small slices of geography and a few industrial sectors.

Now try to figure out how much money the government would have to print for our entire economy to be net-neutral on emissions in ten years and guarantee everyone a job. This is just another attempt to transform our economy and institutions indirectly by incorporating every bit of intersectional garbage these networks fund under the umbrella of “climate change”.

The young freshman is just simply a tool in a long game. Literally and figuratively.


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