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Discount Deepak Chopra Says She Is Running for President

Author, Spirituality Guru, and friend of Oprah, Marianne Williamson, is running for president.

Last week, The Hill and The Guardian posted articles detailing the decision by Marianne Williamson to run for the democratic nomination in 2020. Williamson is known for her new age beliefs and her liberal forays into policy with little substance.

The Guardian led off with this, “Marianne Williamson is the author of new-age books such as A Woman’s Worth and A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever. She is Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual guide. She has called herself a “bitch for God.” Oh, and she also wants to be president of the United States. Her campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination is, she says, for people who “want to dig deeper into the questions we face as a nation.” If you want to dig deeper into how Williamson is qualified to be president, I suggest you stop excavating immediately.”

And The Hill says “Williamson, who launched her campaign at an event in Los Angeles late Monday, called on voters to have a “meaningful conversation” about potential political solutions and described the current national discourse as “shallow.””I want to engage voters in a more meaningful conversation about America,” she said in a statement. “About our history, about how each of us fit into it, and how to create a sustainable future,” she continued. “Our national challenges are deep, but our political conversation is shallow.”

And while The Hill takes a factual view of the announcement, finishing the article with a list of who all is running on the democratic side, The Guardian did not shy away from saying what everyone is thinking… she’s a crackpot.

They say, “Williamson has also got a rather Trumpian way with words. On Thursday, she tweeted: “Traditional politics is old-think & its purveyors project onto a whole person approach something weird, fringe, unqualified. In fact, what’s weird, fringe & unqualified is a conversation that remains on the level of the externals…” She also channelled Trump’s bluster in an interview with CNN. When the network asked how she was planning a path to victory, Williamson replied: “My strategy isn’t strategy.” Which sounds like an extremely zeitgeisty strategy to me.”

Trump may have a penchant for hyperbole, but he does have some measure of political savy (when not listening to Javanka). Trump is no Marianne Williamson.  She, much like Deepak Chopra, is the embodiment of postmodern, new age nonsense. She combines moral therapeutic deism with psychobabble and a touch of eastern mysticism.

The funny thing about her brand of postmodernism is that she peddles it as if it were objective, a concept that doesn’t exist in postmodernism.

I remember watching a panel on Larry King where King asks a variety of religious themed questions to a group of various people representing different religions.  Pastor John MacArthur was a regular on these panels. On at least one occasion, Williamson appeared and took issue with the exclusivity of Jesus Christ (a position that has been unchallenged in orthodox Christianity since Jesus walked the earth).

She says, “I believe that we are all the sons of God, and I believe that Jesus was a fully actualized human being, who now has the function of helping others, who choose, who feel that he is their way, to help them rise as well, but I was so glad to hear the father say that he acknowledges as a Christian that there are those who experience that vortex, as it were, without the name of Jesus on it, and I find it very unfortunate and slightly offensive this notion that someone who does not proclaim the name Jesus, you’re talking about Jews, atheists, agnostics, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, who somehow, even if they aren’t babies, they do not proclaim the name Jesus, to me that is an incorrect understanding of Jesus himself.”

Besides the fact that she never finishes her point, it just doesn’t make sense.  In order to have a correct understanding of Jesus, one must have an objective basis to make claims about Him. Christians have scripture.  I don’t know where she’s getting her understanding of Jesus.

But back to her political aims.  No one is going to take her seriously.  She’s incoherent.  She’s out there.  She advocates asinine policies.  And she has no name recognition.  It’s silly to think that she would have any possibility of gaining votes.  She’ll go the way other no-name presidential candidates.

Maybe she’ll see that losing a primary is the spirit realm’s way of showing the infinite vortex of the love to the true seekers of the journey to the god of knowledge and happiness and pixie dust.

I find that slightly offensive and to me that is an incorrect understanding of the infinite vortex of pixie dust.  


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