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Republicans Pounce and Seize Apparently

“Republicans Pounce!”, is quickly becoming the meme heading into 2020. Yet this morning The Washington Post opinion section must have actually cracked a thesaurus and settled on this for a headline, “Republicans seize on liberal positions to paint Democrats as radical”.

In attempting to cover for what has been a terrible few weeks for Democrats and the media, the news is not their radical positions or blatant mistakes. Rather it is the reaction of those who oppose them or call them out. Let’s review.

Since the first of the year, Democrats and the media, have:

  • Attempted to destroy a young man’s life because he smiled nervously and wore a hat they detest
  • Propped up a well-known activist who lied about his military service as a “victim” of said young man
  • Passed a law expanding abortion rights in New York that redefined the word “person” so that no one can ever be prosecuted for killing an unborn baby. It also allows abortion on demand until a baby is born
  • Proposed eliminating private insurance
  • Have implicitly called for the nationalization of industry via a “Green New Deal”
  • Advanced a myriad of tax proposals aimed at punishing wealth and success
  • Talked about the elimination of all semi-automatic weapons, which account for the vast majority of all guns produced
  • Essentially endorsed infanticide by minimizing or recasting comments made by Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA)
  • Continue to be intractable about funding barriers requested by CPB to secure vulnerable parts of the border

The Post Editorial takes a different view and casts the discussion as follows:

Sen. Kamala D. Harris is raising the possibility of eliminating private health insurance. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other prominent Democrats are floating new and far-reaching plans to tax the wealthy. In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam voiced support for state legislation that would reduce restrictions on late-term abortions.

Democrats, after two years largely spent simply opposing everything President Trump advocated, are defining themselves lately in ways Republicans are seizing on to portray them as far outside the American mainstream.

“Republicans seize on liberal positions to paint Democrats as radical” Matt Viser, The Washington Post, January 31, 2019

I prefer the word “capitalizing” to seizing for a simple reason. The positions on abortion, healthcare the environment and border security do not reflect mainstream America. The devil is in the details and suddenly the details of the Democrats plans, or lack thereof such as with border security, are becoming clearer.

“Healthcare for everyone” sounds great until voters realize it means delays and rationing along with the elimination of the plans they currently have. They do not want to spend more than a dollar a month fighting climate change. Two-thirds believe there need to more restrictions on abortion, not less. And over half believe it is immoral whether they are pro-choice or pro-life.

All of this data is available and easily accessible. Republicans aren’t “painting” the Democrat’s positions as radical. They are radical. So radical, Howard Schultz is considering an independent run for President calling the Democrat’s proposals “un-American”. And even Micheal Bloomberg has spoken up.

The complaint in the Post is that Republicans are “seizing” on the positions of some Democrats and attributing them to the party. I think the party and the media need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Republicans did not put the most radical new member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, up as “the new face” of the party. DNC Chair Tom Perez and the media did.

Conservative media didn’t make the left wing commentariat savage Schultz. He’s not even really a centrist, but he’s not far left enough for the base and their allies in the media. He’s likely too far left to appeal to most Republicans. But the Democrats are showing no sign of moderating to make him go away.

Nancy Pelosi is the one who said, “Not one dollar” for barriers at the border. And not a single Democrat from a more moderate district has broken ranks with her. Meanwhile, we saw yesterday why it is critical to force border traffic through ports of entry. Agents intercepted enough fentanyl to kill 50 million Americans or more. Do you think people may be wondering how much is coming over in areas that are not secured?

Republicans didn’t make Elizabeth Warren propose the “Tippy Top Tax”. The GOP didn’t make any of these potential nominees co-sponsor Medicare for All. Nor did they author the Green New Deal. And they certainly did not support the abortion until the first breath bill in New York.

What the GOP will do is point out the very real and radical elements of these proposals. The names of the policies sound nice. But the realities for voters are a stark contrast to their appealing marketing.

Yes. I definitely prefer the term “capitalizing”. I’ll end with another meme. All they had to do is not be crazy. And they didn’t even really try.


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