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Shame, Disgust, And The Governor Of Virginia

The governor of Virginia supports infanticide. He does not simply support abortion. It’s not just late-term abortions that he throws his weight behind. No, Governor Ralph Northam fully supports the killing of babies after they have been born.

This isn’t my opinion. This isn’t analysis based on what some blogger wrote about what someone else said about the governor on Twitter. This isn’t reading between the lines and drawing conclusions. If you want to know how Governor Northam feels about killing 9-pound babies who have already been born, all you have to do is listen to him.

But first, it would be helpful to see where all of this began.

Kathy Tran is a Democrat serving in the Virginia House of Delegates. She is the author of the Repeal Act, a bill that would allow abortions in Virginia up until the moment of delivery. A video of Tran’s explanation of what her bill would allow went viral and eventually led her to delete her Twitter page. In the video, Tran speaks with chilling calmness of her bill allowing a woman to choose to kill her child just before being born.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The cover-up is worse than the crime.” That sort of rings true here. Tran’s words are evil. The governor’s defense of her words take the evil to a whole new level. Governor Northam discussed the viral video on WTOP’s Ask The Governor segment.

“This is why decisions such as this should be made by providers, physicians, and the mothers and fathers that are involved. When we talk about third-trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of obviously the mother, with the consent of the physician — more than one physician, by the way — and it’s done in cases where there may be severe deformities. There may be a fetus that’s non-viable.”

Northam’s words highlight the Democratic Party’s absolute infatuation with abortion. This is the party, remember, that wants to tell you how many bullets you can have in your gun. It’s the party that wants to tell you when and how to cut your grass, eat your food, educate your kids, and run your business. It truly is the party of big government. But, when talk turns to abortion, they want to pretend to be Libertarians. That’s right. The party that wants to tell you which doctors you can and cannot use suddenly wants to leave the exam room if you want that doctor to kill your baby.

Northam hides his bloodlust behind a very thin veil of compassion. After all, this procedure is, “done in cases where there may be severe deformities.” Because, as the Democratic Party sees it, life is only worth keeping if that life is healthy, or as they like to say, “viable.” I’m equally interested and frightened to learn what the governor of Virginia considers “viable.” My guess is that it would be a wage earner who can have up to 70% of his income taken by the government. Those with “severe deformities” don’t tend to make a lot of money for the state to take. Follow the money. Margaret Sanger would be proud.

But those weren’t the worst words to come out of the governor’s mouth. He would later go on to reveal the true intent of his heart. That’s what words do, you know.

“If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

There are no lines to read between here. The baby is born. The baby is comfortable. The mother and the doctor talk. The baby is killed.

In this scenario, the baby is not killed in the first or third trimester, as evil as that is.

No, this “procedure” would take place after the child is born. Laying on a table. After mom and the doctor talk.

That’s called murder.

Or infanticide.

Or evil.

The negative reaction to the governor’s words was severe. So severe that he took to Twitter to smooth things over, writing, “I have devoted my life to caring for children and any insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting.” The banner at the top of the governor’s page shows him seated in the middle of a group of children. As if infanticide can be covered up by a photo-op. Sadly, for many, it can.

And, in keeping with the political playbook, the governor said that all of this was, “Really blown out of proportion.” If he hasn’t already, expect him to say something about his words being taken out of context. It’s what politicians do.

Generally speaking, the Republican Party pays lip service to ending abortion. They like to keep talking about it but never do anything to stop it because they’d have to find a new boogeyman. If you don’t believe me, ask the folks at Planned Parenthood how they’re enjoying that federal money they’re still getting while members of the Coast Guard had to go without a paycheck for 35 days.

Democrats aren’t interested in lip service. At least as far as the politicians in the party are concerned, they’ll stop at nothing short of full blown murder and paint the world pink celebrating once they get it.

Abortion, and infanticide were moral and spiritual issues long before ever being political. So rather than seeing this as a mere difference of opinion, we have to call it what it is.


And rather than waiting for a politician to fix it, we need to aim higher. We need to repent. We need God’s mercy. We must not presume upon God’s patience. He is limitless in his sovereignty, his goodness, and his knowledge. There is however a limit to his patience, particularly when it comes to something as “shameful and disgusting” as the state sponsored killing of babies.

I fear how close we’re getting to the end of God’s patience.


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