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Late-term Abortion Bills Rely On A Faulty Premise

Abortion advocates are fear-mongering about Roe v Wade to pass their horrific late-term abortion agenda. Rhode Island and Virginia state legislatures have both introduced bills that mirror the horrific legislation recently passed in New York. All of them have some combination of the following elements:

  • Removing all criminal penalties for killing an unborn child
  • Removing regulations that govern the health and safety of the procedure by allowing unlicensed staff to perform it, removing requirements that a third-trimester procedure be performed in a hospital and eliminating various notification requirements
  • Codifying the broad definition of “health” as defined in Doe v Bolton
  • Modifications that allow the termination of a pregnancy up until birth
  • In the case of Rhode Island the bill is explicit in disregarding any assessment of viability

Perhaps the most graphic explanation of the effect of the type of legislation is this:

VA Delegate Kathy Tran explains the impact of HB2491 (The Repeal Act)

Delegate Kathy Tran deleted her Twitter account shortly after this clip was posted. However, if this bill passes in Virginia, everything she said will be accurate.

Each of these bills has its own unique set off horrors embedded in the text. What I have just as big an issue with is the pretext for advancing these bills at all.

In every article I have read regarding these pieces of legislation, the justification for them is the potential repeal of Rowe v Wade by the Supreme Court. The same Supreme Court who just turned down the opportunity to review a case that involved state-level funding for Planned Parenthood. From The Washington Post:

“The Supreme Court declined Monday to review lower-court decisions that blocked state efforts to cut off public funding for Planned Parenthood, a move that suggests a majority of the court may be steering clear of controversial issues — at least for now.”

“Supreme Court declines to review rulings that blocked efforts to end Planned Parenthood funding”, The Washington Post, December 10, 2018

“For now” is the entire 2019 term as it currently stands. The Court will not even address issues of states rights in terms of funding America’s largest abortion provider. Yet advocates for these late-term abortion bills want us to believe there is some zeal in the nation’s highest court to take on abortion rights. Cuz Kavanaugh or something.

This justification is patently ridiculous. First of all, no reasonable person watching the Court believes this will happen. Even if it would be their preferred outcome. Second, even if this somehow magically occurred, abortion access and regulation would become a 10th Amendment issue, allowing each state to regulate it individually.

The continued proliferation of this horrific legislation is a result of the 2018 election cycle. In some states, Democrats made significant gains in state legislatures or were lucky enough to score a trifecta. Now they are introducing and passing the preferred legislation of their donors such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL. It is just that simple.

This type of legislation is so far afield of American attitudes about abortion it is unreal. Even those who define themselves as Pro-Choice support restrictions on the procudure. Polling doesn’t even ask about criminal penalties for an assailant that injures or kills an unborn child in the commission of an assault on the mother. I dare say most people would find the notion that no penalty could be exacted for this unconscionable.

This is just adding to the list of policy preferences where Democrats are so far left of the average voter, that the distance is astounding. In the case of unrestricted abortion legislation, they are pushing ideas that approximately 12% of Americans support. Every single sponsor of legislation like this needs to be held accountable at the ballot box. Every, single, one.


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