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UPDATED: Five Officers Shot In Houston

Five officers have been shot in Houston. Reportedly they were serving a warrant to an individual nea 7800 Harding. This is close to Hobby airport and there are diversions and road closures.

All the officers have been transported to local hospitals. At least three have been life flighted for trauma care. No information is currently available on their medical condition.

Local news is reporting that the one suspect is “down”. It is not clear if this is the only suspect.

Updates will be posted as available.

7:23 PM EST – Governor Greg Abbott has released a statement on the shooting:

7:26 PM EST: The scene of the shooting is still active. Residents are being advised to stay indoors and all traffic is being diverted according to the HPD.

7:53 PM EST: Law enforcement has confirmed that one suspect is dead on the scene.

8:03 PM EST: Three officers are in stable condition. Two are listed as critical. The officers were Narcotics division who were attempting to serve a warrant. Names are not yet released.

8:45 PM EST: Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo gave a press conference in front of the hospital caring for the wounded officers. According to his statement:

  • 12 narcotics officers and 6 patrol officers were attempting to serve a search warrant. Details of the investigation included suspicion of dealing black tar heroin from the residence.
  • Upon reaching the door the officers came under fire.
  • 2 officers are in critical, but stable condition undergoing surgery for gunshot wounds in the neck region.
  • 2 officers were shot and are considered in stable condition.
  • An additional officer was not shot but sustained another injury.
  • Following the exchange of gunfire, the SWAT team took control of the scene. Robots were used to assess the scene.
  • Two suspects were found dead inside the home, presumably from the exchange of gunfire with the officers.
  • Names are being withheld until notification of family members has been confirmed.


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