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As Usual, Brian Stelter And His Guests Are Reliably Wrong

CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, purportedly holds the media accountable for their reporting. What is actually does is monitor Fox News and other Conservative media to twist the narrative so that it is more closely aligned with the host’s worldview. It also attempts to excuse left-leaning media malfeasance, which was evident after the Covington Catholic debacle.

This morning was no exception. Brian and his guests were attempting to explain why the right is critical of freshman Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Here is a clip.

Former Huffington Post contributor Laura Bassett is re-upping one of the Left’s favorite memes. It basically goes something like this, “Conservatives don’t like this person because they have this color skin, are this gender or belong to X identity group.” It is dishonest at best and downright divisive at worst.

What I love most about this clip above is that Stelter does not even fact check his own guest. Ocasio-Cortez is not “working class”. She was raised in Westchester County, a very nice suburb. Her father was an architect. Not a blue collar worker.

She attended a Boston University, where current estimates place the expense for a four-year degree over $60K. And she obtained a degree. Then she galavanted around the country volunteering and peeking in on environmental protests.

Then rather than using her economics degree in industry or public service, she became a bartender in the Bronx. Cool story. But she is not Jenny from the block. She’s not even most kids, who after graduating from college are expected to find a job quickly.

Conservatives vehemently disagree with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s stated policy preferences. In less than a month, she has indicated the intent to help remake Congress in her socialist image, submitted a resolution that will create a congressional committee whose implicit goal is the nationalization of industry and made enough offers of free stuff to bankrupt us all.

You don’t have to be a man, white or even really be Conservative to find these ideas objectionable. We disagree with her and criticize her ideas because they are terrible. All you have to do is look at Venezuela to understand where her socialist policies lead. And if I recall, we criticized Senator Bernie Sanders, an old white guy, for espousing similar ideas.

But because of Ocasio-Cortez’s youth and gender, Bassett has decided these tricks that Conservative media is using are the tools of The Patriarchy™. If by “tricks” she means criticizing Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas, mocking some of her more outrageous claims or calling out obvious hypocrisy, I guess my internalized misogyny has taken over. Because God forbid as a woman, I should be able to independently see the flaws in this young woman’s thinking and her policy prescriptions. I guess I am just supposed to give her a pass because of her gender?

Even doing avails only with outlets that are fawning over her “historic” victory, Ocasio-Cortez still struggles to defend her policy ideas very well. She uses emotional language and speaks passionately. That is about it. Her statements on economics do not stand up to even mild scrutiny and her commentary on climate change even earned a fact check from The Washington Post. She got three “Pinocchios”.

So, I don’t care that she is female, or Latina or young. I care that her blatant ignorance is on display and many media outlets are so partisan, they fawn over her instead of questioning her.

Does she terrify me? No. I am more terrified that after a college education in economics, she does not have any inkling about how socialism has always worked out, everywhere, for all of modern history.

Perhaps another economist, Ben Stein, summed it up best:

Bueller? Bueller?


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