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Senator Bill Cassidy Is Keeping It Real On Border Security

Some things you see just make you go, “What the heck?”. A thread from Senator Bill Cassidy just might have that effect on you if you read it carefully. He gives direct quotes from his Democrat colleagues in Congress regarding border security. And they sound an awful lot like Donald Trump’s speech on January 19th.

To refresh your memory, here are the specific things the President outlined in his speech to the nation:

  • $800M for urgent humanitarian needs
  • $805M for advanced drug detection systems
  • 2750 new Border Patrol agents
  • 75 new immigration judges to address the nearly 900,000 case backlog
  • Funding for critical measures to protect children that are focused on asylum application in their home country and family reunification for unaccompanied minors
  • $5.7B for strategic deployment of physical barries with a total of 230 miles in critical areas to be built this year. He emphasized this would be the steel see-through barrier preferred by CBP
  • 3 years of legislative protection for 700,000 DACA recipients. This would include work visas and protection from deportation
  • 3-year extension of Temporary Protective Status affecting approximately 300,000 people.

Of course, the Democrats have remained completely intractable in moving forward with this proposal for what appear to be blatantly political reasons. However, direct quotes from a number of Democrats don’t seem to be in conflict with the President’s offer at all. Forgive the number of tweets, but they seem rather important:

It would seem none of the members of the House quoted above would have material objections to Trump’s proposal. It is based on the assessment from the experts in DHS. It includes some fencing, some technology and some money to address humanitarian issues. I just can’t see the rub.

Other than politics of course. Speaker Pelosi has drawn a line in the sand and does not appear at all willing to negotiate, even if her members are.

If all of these Democrats voted on the White House plan in line with their public statements above and all members voted, the Yeas would be 216 and the Nays would be 217. This seems to be within striking distance if everyone would come to the table. Trump has moved to try and end the shutdown. Pelosi has not. It is clearly becoming the Democrat’s shutdown, not the President’s.

Let’s at least hope the next time there is a roll call vote to pay federal employees who are working through the shutdown, more Democrats have the courage to break rank.

Oops, never mind.


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