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How Did Jen Hatmaker Not See the Condemnation She Just Heaped on Her Own Head?

The author condemned those who exchanged truth for Trump, not acknowledging her own shameful compromise on truth.

The resounding tone-deafness was so glaring, the lack of self-awareness was so galling, I don’t know how she could have missed it. Actually, I fear I do know how she missed it.

The Apostle Paul warns us repeatedly that minds engaged in intentional rebellion to God, minds that are determined to create their own theology, devoting themselves to the proclamation of the spirit of the age rather than the knowledge of God, eventually are abandoned by God to become blinded by confusion and depravity.

Professing Christian author Jen Hatmaker, who has settled into a satisfying home in progressive Christianity since dismissing the authority of Scripture on itching-ears issues like human sexuality, recently took to Twitter to take a legitimate jab at evangelical Christians who have missed the mark in their full-throated endorsement of President Donald Trump:

“The evangelical reversal on basic morality to align with an immoral president for power & privilege may thrill adherents for a moment, but this political hellscape will have an end – they all do – and the rest of us will remember who abandoned everything they ever held dear.”

How did she not see it? How did she not choke on the self-conviction those words should have brought to her? It’s not that her words were inaccurate when applied to Christians who have embarrassingly ignored the immoral character of Donald Trump for the sake of earning invitations to White House dinners or achieving public policy objectives. It’s that her words also perfectly described her own stunning reversal on what she once claimed to “hold dear” in order to gain the applause of man.

Just two and a half years ago, Jen Hatmaker and her husband Brandon made public their support of the “gay-Christian” apologetic that monogamous, same-sex marriages are holy in the sight of God. She then warned believers who disagreed with her that the, “LGBTQ community is watching” to see how Christians react to her proclamation. In other words, she threatened that allegiance to God’s Word over her word would result in damage to the Gospel.

No one rebuked that silly posturing better than Boyce College Biblical Studies professor Denny Burk who responded that the fact the LGBTQ community is watching is precisely why Christians must not take the culturally conforming compromise the Hatmakers had weakly embraced:

“And now these dear souls – precious in the sight of God – are hearing from Jen that they don’t really need to turn from sexual immorality. Jen tells them that their sexual immorality is ‘holy’ in God’s sight. I would simply encourage Jen to remember that they are indeed watching and listening to her. And she is leading them away from mercy, away from life, and away from everything that matters in this life and the next. Her public departure from the faith is not helping these dear people. It’s harming them.”

Which brings us back to Hatmaker’s stunningly oblivious Twitter condemnation of Christians who don’t agree with her. Slightly rephrased it is an astounding self-own:

“The Hatmaker’s reversal on basic biblical morality to align with an immoral sexual ethic for earthly accolades and attention may thrill them for a moment, but the spiritual hellscape will have an end – Scripture promises it will – and the redeemed who suffered for their allegiance to God’s truth will remember those who abandoned it for worldly fame.”

How did she not see it?


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