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Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club Pegged for Hiring Illegal Workers

A New Jersey attorney says he represents 5 undocumented workers who were employed by Trump's club. And there are more.

So the latest Trump scandal is his [possible] use of illegal immigrants at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort.

According to a story released last week, investigators may be looking into not just the hiring of illegal immigrants at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, but at supervisors with the club who helped facilitate the illegal activity by obtaining fraudulent documentation for those workers, and then holding it over their heads, in order to keep them working for the club, while enduring abuse and mistreatment on the job.

Those documents include green cards and Social Security numbers.

Anibal Romero, a Newark attorney, has taken up the case of several immigrant workers from the club. He has, on behalf of his clients, reached out to special counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller’s office declined the case, saying it was out of the jurisdiction of their investigation, but they referred the case to prosecutors in the area. Shortly after, an FBI agent contacted Romero, and he’s since spoke with state prosecutors.

To date, Mr. Romero represents five illegal immigrants who worked for Trump’s club. However, there may be more:

“It’s my understanding based on what my clients have said, they have friends who also work there,” Anibal Romero told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball on Monday. “We’re talking about a very high number of employees at the golf club who were not documented, who were also brought in to work there, who may share similar stories.”

“A very large number of people who have worked there in the past, and we believe that this time there about 12 or 13 people who are still working there. We haven’t heard from them,” he continued.

So much for America first and Mr. Jobs President.

Of course, this isn’t the first indicator that Trump’s talk of stopping illegal immigration is just so much rhetoric.

Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida resort, Mar-A-Lago has a consistent practice of filing for H-2B visas, in order to bring in foreign workers to make up staff.

This is where I point out that most problems with immigration happen with foreigners that overstay their visas and disappear into the populace.

When asked about the hired help with the Jersey club, the Trump Organization simply stated that it is their policy to terminate employees that falsify documentation.

So what’s the policy for supervisors that do the falsifying? Same?

According to Romero, this responsibility isn’t in the hands of the immigrants in question. The Trump Organization knew who they were hiring.

“In the case of my clients, they were recruited to come work for the golf club and management there knew who they were hiring,” Romero said. “But assuming they didn’t know, there’s a document called the I-9, this document is obviously prepared by the employee, but if they were to follow e-verify, they would probably understand that these women were not authorized to work legally in the United States.”

“That was not the case here though, because in this case, the women were brought on to work knowing that they did not have legal status in the United States,” he said.

Good point.

In all his caterwauling and theater over the “wall” and border security, you never hear Donald Trump talk about commonsense methods of clamping down on illegal immigration, like e-verify, for instance.

If you want to curtail the flood of immigrants here, the answer is not a wall. The answer is blunting incentive, and part of that is leaning on unscrupulous employers, who hire illegally, for the purpose of maintaining low wages and manipulating the work force through intimidation.

Another solution that no one seems willing to approach is a diplomatic fix – working with the nations that yield the greatest number of immigrants, addressing the reasons their citizens are fleeing, at the source, and finding ways to make life in those regions more livable.

That part may be more difficult to get a handle on, but it’s a far better option that demonizing our neighbors to the south.


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