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Republican Lawmaker Says Trump Should Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

NC Representative Walter Jones suggests President Trump be a bit more proactive in funding the border wall.

Well, here’s a novel idea, and three cheers to Representative Walter Jones (R-N.C.) for coming up with it.

On Friday, Jones offered up some commonsense advice that could go a long way towards solving the core issue of the government shutdown, now entering its second week.

Namely, Jones has suggested that if President Trump is so eager beaver for a border wall, maybe a little seed money is the way to go.

“If Mexico isn’t going to be made to pay for a wall, that means funds must be found internally,” Walter said in a statement Friday.

“As a wealthy man, the president might consider pledging some of his own funds as well. Whatever it takes, just so long as we don’t add to the debt that is bankrupting our great country.”

OH – that one is going to cause some sphincters to tighten up.

He’s got a point, however.

Trump built his campaign on the notion that he was such a deal maker that he would get Mexico to pay for the wall.

The only thing Trump has been successful at, in that regard, is to dupe large groups of Republican voters into believing that them not getting what he promised was winning.

Some of them have even began a GoFundMe account, in order to fund the wall, themselves. It is not clear at this point, however, if they will actually be able to put that money towards the wall. Congress has to appropriate funds for such projects, and with Democrats taking over the majority in the House in a few days, what do you think the chances are that they would put those funds to the intended purpose?

Of course, the fact that the person in charge of the account has a history of grifting through conspiracy and fake news sites doesn’t exactly instill confidence that those funds will make it to Capitol Hill, to begin with.

Still, Jones is pretty gutsy to call out Trump, this way.

If Trump is so determined to have that wall, then he should take some of his vast fortune, from his years of being a highly successful business man, and get the first few miles going.

Ok. That part was a joke.

Anyone who is remotely familiar with Donald Trump’s background knows that he’s an utter failure as a businessman. He was propped up for years by his dad’s wealth. Without it, he’s left a string of failed businesses, bankruptcies, and stiffed creditors in his wake.

As one actual successful businessman once remarked, when asked about Trump’s business acumen: “He’s a clown living on credit.”

Most of his properties get by on just the brand, while someone else runs them.

There are a lot of questions about how he’s stayed afloat, since the 90s.

A peek at his tax returns might tell us more, but that’s another broken promise on his part. He’s determined that the world not see who is bankrolling him, these days.

With his charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation being dissolved, and its assets under control of a federal judge, to be distributed to real charities, that’s one piggy bank he doesn’t have to dip into, anymore.

So, while I admire Representative Jones’ grit in calling out the president on this issue, we all know he’d never put a dime of his own money to building the wall.

He just doesn’t have it.


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