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No Abortion Clinics in Nashville! How Did It Happen? Don’t Ask Local News.

With Nashville's last abortion provider pausing the procedure, MSM tries to politicize, but mostly self-owns instead.

Abortion is declining in Tennessee, and Nashville’s leading paper, The Tennessean, thinks it’s because of conspiratorial Republican legal manipulation. Well, they want you to think that, anyway…

On Monday, the supposedly neutral news org dropped the bomb that “Planned Parenthood, the Only Abortion Provider Left in Nashville, Suspends Abortion Services”. The subtext, throughout, is that a new TN law requiring a 48-hr waiting period on abortions is to blame. The text, throughout, is ridiculous.

While Chicken-Littling the “healthcare” crisis (under a header photo of the Supreme Court, which declined to hear a case challenging the statute), the article mentions only in passing that Planned Parenthood admitted it “has a shortage of abortion providers” in the state. Wait, that fits the political angle how, exactly? If demand is high, and Womyn™ collectively are fighting to keep the service alive, why does a shortage exist? They don’t say.

Notably(?), the next-to-last Nashville abortion mill, The Women’s Center, “closed in August after the sale of its building and its operators said then they hoped to reopen”. I have two problems with the writer’s assertion here: First, this reason–the sale of their building–contributes nothing to the political argument. They went out of business. So? Why? Second, where’s the freakin’ comma? This is clearly supposed to be a compound sentence, and yet a professional news outlet, presumably employing editors, stumbled through that run-on, and was like, “Fine”?

Another factoid bestowed upon us: “Tennessee now has six abortion providers, down from 16 in 2000,” and, “More than 9,700 abortions were performed in Tennessee in 2016.” Hold on. Just so we’re clear, if the clinic numbers remained steady over the last two years, they’re saying a mere eight locations killed nearly 10,000 persons in 2016. That’s truly staggering–or at least it should be. And not irrelevant to this point, The Tennessean also highlights the observation that on Monday, Nashville PP’s doors were “open for non-abortion services, but its waiting room was empty”. So much for that “3% of our services are abortion” statistic PP keeps trotting out…

And then, in the straight-up misleading category… As Nashville Planned Parenthood has started referring people to “clinics hundreds of miles away in Knoxville and Memphis”,

Some women [from neighboring states] will now have to travel even further to obtain an abortion. And, under Tennessee’s 48-hour waiting period law, they will have to make the trip twice.

Or just stay there until it’s over. Admittedly, I haven’t entirely read the new law, but I’m pretty sure the “two-day wait between the first appointment to obtain counseling and…subsequent office visit to undergo the procedure” doesn’t insert a “touchback” stipulation requiring one to go home first and come back to Tennessee for your abortion later.

By the way, in the midst of the meticulous attention to detail the article provides, somehow the original version omitted the fact that Nashville PP’s abortion halt is “a temporary situation”, and they will resume “abortion services in early 2019”, according to a message sent out to Planned Parenthood supporters. However, the story has now been updated to include the minor caveat that the clinic is “undergoing a period of quality improvement and will return with these services soon”. Oh. Doesn’t that kinda undercut the whole point of the piece?

Regardless, the completely non-partisan Tennessean is here to help you with facts, undiluted by advocacy, and therefore the article conveniently includes a link to their related story:

​Y’know, just FYI…


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