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Urban Meyer To Retire After Rose Bowl

And there was great rejoicing throughout the land (except in Ohio.)

Ohio State University head football coach Urban Meyer announced his retirement from football (again) in a press conference this afternoon. Meyer, who has coached the Buckeyes for 7 years, issued a statement that “The decision was the result of cumulative events.”

“The style of coaching I’ve done for 33 years is intense, it’s very demanding. I’ve tried to delegate more, tried to be more CEOish, but the product started to fail. I had to get right back to it. The challenge was, can I continue to do it in that style?”

Meyer revealed earlier this season that he had undergone treatment for an arachnoid cyst in his brain, which has caused headaches over the last 20 years. The headaches hit particularly hard during last year’s Penn State game, and he had been contemplating retirement.

Offensive coordinator Ryan Day will take over as head coach. “This would be a really tough day if (the program) were a mess. And personally, this day would be awful. To be able to know we felt we did right made this easier,” said Meyer at his press conference.

When asked if he would ever coach again, Meyer wavered, answering “That’s a complicated question.” and “I believe I will not coach again.

Call us jaded, but many are skeptical of that belief. After all, Meyer has retired before. He left Florida citing health concerns and a desire to “spend more time with his family.” A desire that apparently evaporated after the head coaching job at Ohio State became available. There’s already speculation that he’ll be coaching again at USC or with the Saints. Only time will tell.

This year has been particularly difficult for Meyer. It began with a 3 game suspension over his handling of domestic abuse charges against assistant coach Zach Smith and ended with Ohio State missing the college football playoff for the second year in a row despite winning the Big 10.

Social media reactions were typical.

I’m sure there aren’t any head coaches out there popping champagne in their offices over their change in recruiting prospects. Everyone will miss Coach Meyer and the intensity he brought to the game. At least until next year.

And for those of you wondering what coach you’re going to love to hate now? Well, we still have Nick Saban.


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