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The Resurgent’s Football Recap: It’s All Martin Luther’s Fault

Notre Dame stayed home and watched Rudy.

The Fly In The Ointment

It’s all Martin Luther’s fault. In 1517 he published his 95 Theses against the Catholic Church. He did a good thing. But he didn’t go far enough. He left out the 96th Theses which should have stated, “And Notre Dame shall be required to join a conference.”

The Fighting Irish are the real fly in the ointment for this year’s playoff. While most people were debating whether or not Georiga or Oklahoma should get the fourth spot, it should have been both getting in with Notre Dame being left out. While the other four teams in the top 5 spent Saturday playing in conference championship games, Notre Dame stayed home and watched Rudy. Most of the people supporting Oklahoma getting the fourth spot over Georgia say that it’s because the conference championship game means something. I can certainly see the point there. However, that should mean that Notre Dame doesn’t get in since, you know, they don’t even play in a conference. Notre Dame is like that big corporation that gets tons of tax breaks for coming to your town because, well, they’re big. And a business. And that’s just how things work.

I have been very critical of UCF over the past two football seasons and for good reasons. But at least they played in a conference championship game yesterday. Sure, it was against Memphis but they still played. How Notre Dame gets to skate by without being in a conference championship game is beyond me. There is a lot that’s wrong with college football but this one is at the top of the list. I’m looking forward to watching Dabo’s Tigers beat Notre Dame by seven touchdowns. The good ratings that the national media expects with Notre Dame in the playoffs will be non-non-existent by midway through the second quarter when Clemson is up by 30.

One final point about this. There was a Garth Brooks concert at Notre Dame last night. Because when we think Notre Dame, we think Garth Brooks. Whose idea was this? Did Simon and Garfunkel break up or something?

A Simple Test Of Alabama Fandom

Alabama is back in their usual number one spot. That never was in question. Well, at least until that fake punt in Saturday night’s SEC Championship Game. But what is in question is whether or not you’re allowed to call yourself an Alabama fan. Luckily, I’ve devised a special test to help you with this. All you have to do is fill out the survey below and tally the points when you’re done. If you finish with a negative number, I hope you saved your receipt for those new Tide pajamas you just bought.

You attended the University of Alabama 8 points

You played football for the University of Alabama 10 points

You grew up in Alabama 5 points

You think that Phenix City is a typo referring to an Arizona town -5 points

You think Brody Croyle is a character from Braveheart -5 points

You cheer for Auburn as long as they’re not playing Alabama -10 points

You didn’t go public with your Alabama support until Nick Saban became their head coach -100 points

You think that the Huddle House is an appropriate destination for a 25th wedding anniversary dinner 10 points

You still haven’t forgiven Tennessee 5 points

You used to cheer for Florida -90 points


A Marriage In Crisis

Hey, if anyone knows that guy in the Chevy commercial who bought two automobiles to surprise his wife for Christmas, let me know. Those two are in serious need of a marriage counselor and I know a guy.

Until next week, happy footballing!


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