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In The Name Of Inclusivity Women Get Xed Out

We don't have to wait for men who think they are women to erase our accomplishments. They are erasing our gender.

Following the suspension of Meghan Murphy from Twitter, the conflicts between feminism and trans ideology are getting laid bare. The Libertarian part of me truly has no issue with how grown adults conduct themselves as long as it does not affect others. If an adult man wants to present in the world as a woman, fine. The total of two times I have ever made acquaintance with a trans individual I treated them with courtesy and respect.

However, as a matter of public policy and precedent, I will firmly assert that trans women are biological men. And every biology and genetic textbook would back me up. Are there genetic faults that cause gender anomalies? Of course. Are they common? No. They have a clear clinical diagnosis.

I refuse to use the language of the radical Left that insists gender is “assigned”. My DNA does not have an X and Y chromosome which was obvious to the doctor when I was born and which I was able to understand sometime during my toddlerhood according to developmental psychology. I grew up happily playing with Barbies and participating in sports. I also religiously wore combat boots and an Army jacket in high school. As a professional I worked largely in male dominated organizations in manufacturing that suited my ENTJ personality. Point is all humans live somewhere on a distribution for all identified traits and a myriad of characteristics define us.

I am a biological woman and I am female. This comes with strengths and limitations that exist on a distribution that deviates in various ways from the distribution that biological men exist on. And now to be “inclusive” I am supposed to accept the abandonment those obvious truths on a societal level. According to CNN:

In the latest example of the growing use of inclusive language, designed to avoid excluding particular groups of people, some university groups in the United Kingdom have started using the term “womxn” rather than “women” in official communications.

The student union at Goldsmiths, University of London, and a student society at King’s College London have introduced the alternative spelling, though confusion abounds over how to pronounce the word.

Maybe confusion abounds because the phonetic rules of the English language do not allow you pronounce that word? Because it is not not a word and should not be used as one? Kind of like the 875 made up words to describe an individual’s gender if they don’t conform to the binary male or female?

Note the letter they chose to insert, “X”. The same symbol used to cross things off a list, denote an error or alert you to ignore what is written beneath. Quite a message in that selection, don’t you think? In being “inclusive” they have excluded the possibility of being a woman or gathering a group of women. They are erasing biological gender in favor of a true social construct which is trans ideology.

Most disturbing is the accomplishments of women, with our broad range on interests, strengths and talents are being under valued.

Goldsmiths student union social media posts include invitations to a “Womxn’s Basketball Session” and the “Adidas Womxn’s Fun Run,” while the KCL Womxn in Physics society uses inclusive language on social media and its website.

The scientific society aims to “address the issue of underrepresentation of womxn in the physics department at King’s College London,” reads its website.

How will you know when you have enough womxn in physics? When enough men put on dresses, have the benefit of programs designed to promote women and use their biological advantage for working with “things” to rise to prominence? I fail to see how this goal benefits women at all. But then again in the new nomenclature at this university we don’t exist.

There is also very little doubt as to who will be taking 1st place at the “Womxn’s Fun Run” or the “Womxn’s Basketball Session.” The WBNA has terrible attendance for a reason and world record holding man at a mile clocks in about thirty seconds faster than a female.

In an odd bit of mansplaining (which I thought we were supposed to hate?) linguist John McWhorter of Columbia University wrote this for CNN in 2015 according to the article:

We are opening up to the idea that binary conceptions of gender are unnecessarily rigid and don’t correspond to the self-image of a great many people and even that people’s sense of their gender may not correspond to their biological sex.

Sorry John, binary conceptions of gender are descriptive and biologically accurate. Many women would not have had the disposition to work with Teamsters and Steelworkers. I did. Many would not like climbing around a paper machine. I found it fascinating. I’d lose my mind managing a customer service team or being a classroom teacher. Many women enjoy it. Perhaps we need to stop confusing our individual identity and preferences with our gender? We all don’t need our own word.

There is already a phrase for men who wish to present as female in the world. It is “trans woman”. In terms of public policy and protecting the accomplishments and safety of biological women it needs to stay that way. Any other path has negative implications for opportunity for women, women’s health and a myriad of other policy issues.

You know what I don’t see? Any college department worrying about the representation of mxn in their physics department. Any invitations to mxn’s events. That’s because the radical trans movement only seems to make up words in one direction and those words only appear to erase the identity of the biological women. In a mind boggling fashion, large portions of the radical feminist movement often label themselves trans allies. Those that aren’t are branded TERF’s (trans exclusionary radical feminists) and de-platformed or harassed.

So, let the useful idiots in the Womxn’s March carry on. (It’s only a matter of time) They don’t represent women anyway. They represent the intersectional nonsense that these spawns made up words and try to foist them on the rest of us. Should you resist you will be tagged as some kind of ‘ist or guilty of some kind of ‘ism.

I guess that makes me a TEF? I choose march to the beat of my own drum and ally myself with those that strive to preserve the gains women have made.

*edited for missing words regarding the authors chromosomes.


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