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CNN Takes A Bite At The Apple

New Day hosts a Custom and Border Control Agent that is clear about what went on at the border.

There was a CNN ad that floated around a while ago about telling the difference between “fake news” and “real news”. Supposedly it is as easy as telling the difference between an apple and a banana.

Well, the Chief Patrol Agent, San Diego Sector Border Control, Rodney Scott dumped a whole bushel of apples on CCN New Day this morning. Defending the actions of CBP officers at the San Ysidro crossing yesterday, he was clear about the challenges and the problems at the border. He also defended the use of non-lethal means to deter the run on the crossing by members of the migrant caravan. Here is the clip.

Despite anchor John Berman’s best efforts to get Agent Scott to say it might be better if we could just make it easier for the migrants to cross, Scott held firm.

First, Agent Scott was clear that the members of the caravan are largely economic migrants that do not meet the criteria for asylum. Additionally, news outlets have reported that the migrants have been offered economic opportunities to work and be integrated in Mexico. According to the Washington Post:

A group of business leaders in the city [Tijuana] said they have thousands of job openings at the city’s assembly plants, or maquiladoras, inviting Central American migrants to work in the factories. Though wages there are a small fraction of U.S. pay, Mexican officials said the work offer was one reason they believe the Remain in Mexico plan will succeed. Across the country, there are 100,000 jobs available to Central American asylum seekers, officials said. 

We want them to be included in society, that they integrate into society, that they accept the offer of employment that we are giving them,” Sánchez Cordero said. “That they feel taken care of by Mexico in this very vulnerable situation.

The migrants staying in Mexico would also be consistent with international norms that state refugees should accept the offer from the first country they enter.

Berman continued to push Agent Scott to say these migrants were attempting to seek asylum. Scott was clear:

What I saw yesterday was not people walking up to border agents and asking to claim asylum.

He then described how members of the caravan carrying the Honduran flag bypassed multiple officers while throwing projectiles at them.

During the interview you could feel an underlying level of frustration on the part of Agent Scott. When Berman questioned him about resources for asylum seekers, Agent Scott responded with some hard facts. His sector is arresting 2,000 people a day for crossing illegally. They process 100,000 legitimate crossing for economic and trade purposes. Any diversion of resources has economic impacts.

However, there is one group that can fix this, our erstwhile Congress Critters. However at present they seem to be too busy politicking and virtue signaling to do the job that needs to be done. According to Scott:

We have made very clear to Congress what some of the fixes are. They could step in at any time and make some legislative changes that would help us out tremendously.

Maybe our firefighters in the mainstream media could question our lawmakers on why they aren’t doing this? Instead of questioning an agent responsible for upholding current law under immediate conditions that pose a threat to officers of the U.S. Government? Just a thought.

Instead Berman chooses to close questioning Agent Scott’s assertion earlier in the interview noting that the caravan and arrests were mostly men. Not surprising as this is what every major media outlet has focused on. As one astute Twitter user noted:

Well, we know at least one woman was there with a few children. This is reminiscent of the coverage of the refugee crisis in Europe, which was just as bad as the coverage on this migration. Agent Scott’s response was spot on:

What I find unconscionable is that people would intentionally take children into this situation. What we saw over and over yesterday was the group, the caravan as we call them, would push women and children towards the front and then begin rocking our agents.”

Women and children as human shields? Sounds awfully familiar. And cowardly.

It is imperative we take eyewitness accounts of what is happening at the border seriously. It is also crucial that we press our elected officials to listen to the recommendations of the CPB and take decisive action. The continued humanitarian costs in human trafficking, organized crime and health and safety need to be addressed by discouraging this type of migration.

And if that requires shutting the border until these migrant take the offers of employment and assimilation from leaders in Mexico more seriously so be it. The idea their behavior is some how excusable because the U.S. isn’t acting fast enough to suit them is preposterous given the welcome that has been extended south of our border.

And many thanks to Agent Scott for unloading enough apples on CNN to make a giant cobbler.


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