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College Football Top 25- Week 10

We are closing in on the playoff, and the field is narrowed to 10... for now.

With LSU and Kentucky biting the dust, the playoff push is down to the top 10. Now, 3 weeks stand between the top contenders and destiny with Alabama and Clemson playing their best football right now.

This week, Fresno State-Boise State (Friday night), Ohio State- Michigan State, Wisconsin-Penn State, Mississippi State-Alabama, Northwestern-Iowa, Auburn-Georgia, and Clemson-Boston College

*Due to a hectic week, this weeks rankings do not contain the usual comments. Will resume next week.

Also Receiving Consideration: Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, UAB, NC State, Army, Buffalo, San Diego State, Purdue, and Boise State

Dropped Out: Utah, Houston, Northwestern, and Texas A&M

25. Auburn (6-3, Last Week NR)

24. Cincinnati (8-1, Last Week NR)

23. Iowa (6-3, Last Week #21)

22. Iowa State (5-3, Last Week NR)

21. Penn State (6-3, Last Week #15)

20. Florida (6-3, Last Week #13)

19. Michigan State (6-3, Last Week NR)

18. Fresno State (8-1, Last Week #24)

17. Boston College (7-2, Last Week #22)

16. Utah State (8-1, Last Week #20)

15. Texas (6-3, Last Week #14)

14. Syracuse (7-2, Last Week #19)

13. Mississippi State (6-3, Last Week #17)

12. Kentucky (7-2, Last Week #10)

11. LSU (7-2, Last Week #6)

10. Washington State (8-1, Last Week #12)

9. UCF (8-0, Last Week #9)

8. West Virginia (7-1, Last Week #11)

7. Ohio State (8-1, Last Week #8)

6. Georgia (8-1, Last Week #7)

5. Oklahoma (8-1, Last Week #5)

4. Michigan (8-1, Last Week #4)

3. Notre Dame (9-0, Last Week #3)

2. Clemson (9-0, Last Week #2)

1. Alabama (9-0, Last Week #1)


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