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Kanye’s Work Here Is Done!

Having angered and/or confused almost everyone, Kanye West can now ride off into the sunset.

The Ballad of Kanye and MAGA may have reached its final notes.

Award-winning musician and Mr. Kim Kardashian himself, Kanye West, has made quite the name for himself in reason months with his uber-entertaining/hilarious championing of Donald Trump. But that may tragically be coming to an end with a single tweet today.

Despite alienating everyone on the Left and baffling everyone on the Right with bizarre arguments over slavery, MAGA hats, and Dragon Energy, Kanye has refused to back down through all of it. Now all of a sudden, he says he’s being used to spread messages he doesn’t believe in? What???

The last I checked, no one asked him to go onto SNL and rant about his hat. He chose that path.

I don’t know if this is a sign that his meds are wearing off or finally kicking in. He’s not exactly known as a stable individual after all.

He claims that Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens used him to promote Blexit (Black Exit) from the Democrat Party. (Blexit is Owen’s bizarre PR campaign to convince the public that black voters are fleeing the Democrat Party, despite all evidence to the contrary.)

That’s what he’s upset about??? After everything … after all his insane controversies … after brushing off intense criticism for describing slavery as a choice … Blexit??? That’s what’s driving him away???

So … now that West wants to escape politics, I guess he’ll be resigning his position as Chief Blexit Officer at the White House.

This is a bit awkward for Trump’s surrogates. Trump himself praised Kanye only a few days ago as maybe “the most powerful man in all of politics.”

And now this god-like figure is abandoning us in our time of need, just before the election. What are conservatives to do?

In hindsight, I think associating so closely with a guy as unstable as Kanye West was not the best idea for the White House. I’m just saying …

Who would have ever guessed that a narcissistic celebrity known for petulant outbursts would be so unreliable?


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