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Crazy People Love Politics

*I am NOT referring to my wonderful readers as crazy. This article is about actual unstable individuals.*

The recent chaos from the synagogue shooting and amateurish mail bombs has drawn recriminations from the media against conservatives. TV pundits have broken nearly all their legs falling all over each other to condemn every possible GOP politician. In the media’s mind, Republican politicians, especially Trump, are to blame for vitriolic rhetoric inspiring violence.

As the media rushes to condemn conservatives for these recent incidences, they completely forget to denounce Sen. Bernie Sanders for “Bernie Bro” James Hodgkinson’s attempted murder of Rep. Steve Scalise last year. Funny how that works.

Now, I have plenty of issues with Trump on a variety of levels, but it is ridiculous to blame his verbal barbs for inspiring these attacks. Aggressive rhetoric has long been part of American politics. And besides, sane people don’t go nuts after attending a rally.

Trump may be responsible for a lot, but not the events of the last week.

The simple reality is that crazy people are more common in politics than you think. Anyone who has been around politics in any serious capacity has met these guys and girls. They are strange loners, who clearly have a screw loose. Hang around a large political rally and talk to enough people, and you will meet them. You would be amazed at the conspiracy theories you hear.

(It is important to note that these loners are very different and distinct from the angry Antifa/BLM activists blocking traffic in Portland or staging die-ins in Washington D.C. Those people are crazy in a whole other way.)

Generally, these loners, like the guy in the creepy van, don’t have much of a political or ideological affiliation. That’s why local party activists never met or heard of them before. They are outsiders attracted to the glitz and glamour that major campaigns create. They love the spectacle.

I remember one guy that I met at a conservative Republican’s rally during a past race for Governor. That man waxed poetic about what a great guy Sen. Evan Bayh (D — Indiana) was and how he loved attending his events. That seemed odd enough, but he got weirder the longer I talked to him. He was clearly not right in the head. He was drawn to the festive nature of rallies, not any political identity.

Cesar Sayoc (wannabe mail bomber) is a great example of this phenomenon. He had a long criminal record and only registered to vote Republican after Trump showed up. This isn’t an indication of Trump inspiring this guy. Instead, it’s the result of unstable people being attracted to the bright lights surrounding Trump that the media amplified into a massive spotlight.

These odd folks float around the fringe of every major campaign. It’s the nature of the beast. The biggest surprise is that more weirdos haven’t acted out, considering the entertainment nature of modern politics nowadays.

The media wants to blame Trump. But they should look in the mirror for the guilty party. They’re the ones who created Trump with billions of dollars of free advertising and built up his hype for ratings after all.


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