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Hating Ted Cruz Must Be Very Profitable

Beto O'Rourke's impossible campaign against Cruz seems to be making Dem strategists muy rich. And they all want a piece.

In many ways, modern politics resembles a cash grab and big money scam more than representative republicanism. Candidates and Super PACs blast out panicked messages begging for money to save the fate of the Republic. It is not unique to either side. No matter your political affiliation, just check your email’s Spam folder.

No race exemplifies this more than Beto O’Rourke’s quixotic challenge of Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas. Cruz is so hated by the Left that insane liberals poured nearly $40 million into Beto’s campaign in the 3rd quarter alone this year, thereby proving their lack of basic financial responsibility. The money would have been better spent buying Mega Millions tickets. At least the odds of winning would have been better.

With so much moolah sloshing around, outside organizations just couldn’t resist getting in on that action. Enter Nate Lerner and Build the Wave.

Nate Lerner is the Executive Director of Build the Wave, which describes itself thusly:

Build the Wave is a progressive grassroots organization working to help elect Democrats through powerful digital ads, massive texting campaigns, and innovative Millennial outreach.

With current polling showing Beto crashing and burning in Texas, it isn’t very useful for current fundraising. So what’s a money-hungry Leftist to do? In Mr. Lerner’s case, he just used a questionable poll from over a month ago and falsely claimed that it was released TODAY!!! All, in order to sucker stupid Democrats to “take action” and give him some-of-that sweet, sweet cheddar to push Cruz’s challenger over-the-line.

As our own Stacey Lennox pointed out,

An online Reuters-IPSOS-UVA poll from over a month ago being sold as a momentum builder for the Texas Democrat. Sounds legitimate!

Since Stacey’s response, Nate’s original tweet has been deleted. But his website is still using it to fundraise.

As sleazy as this is, I’m cool with it. In fact, I encourage Build the Wave to continue!

Far better for socialist activists to set fire to their money in a blind ragefest against Cruz than put it into actually competitive races. Guys like Mr. Lerner are some of the GOP’s best friends right now. Keep it up, guy!


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