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Hillary: “Very Significant Difference” between Her Husband and Kavanaugh

Hillary's statements on civility in politics--and everything else--is exactly why people tune out of politics.

Hillary Clinton sat down with Christiane Amanpour to have a very friendly chat, during which, Clinton took every opportunity to plug her book and lament the lack of civility Republicans have wrought (which, according to her, will only be restored when Democrats are elected). No, I’m not kidding. Because Republicans have been the ones who shut down free speech. Republicans are the ones who trespass at peoples’ homes. Republicans are the ones who advocate harassment and death.

As Dr. Evil would say, “Riiiiiight.”

But wait, there’s more.

Amanpour, who appeared to be Clinton’s BFF in the “interview,” was sure to prep her for—er—ask her if she was prepared to answer questions about comparisons between her husband, former president Bill Clinton, and allegations against Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.

She asserted that “there’s a very significant difference” between what her husband went through and Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh. For those of you who weren’t following politics in the 90’s, Bill Clinton was accused by many women of sexual harassment, unwanted sexual advances, and even rape.

The difference, according to Clinton?

“The intense, long-lasting, partisan investigation.” That’s it. And that’s why both Trump and Kavanaugh should undergo investigations as well, apparently?

No admission of guilt by Hillary. No apology to the women who were abused by her husband and mistreated by his campaign operatives (remember James Carville saying that if you “drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park you never know what you’ll find”?).

This. This is precisely why people are completely fed up with politicians and have also become tribal against those they disagree with on politics. Where were the democrats coming down on Bill Clinton in the 90s for his treatment of women (or for that matter, Ted Kennedy)? They were nowhere to be found.

And we’re going to be lectured by—of all people—Hillary Clinton on how men who have been accused of sexual misconduct by women should be treated? Yeah. Because all of the accusations against her husband were nothing more than a “vast right wing conspiracy,” remember?

People who vote for Democrats as well as people who vote for Republicans deserve better than this and other politicians who want to give us a crap sandwich and look us straight in the eye and tell us it’s Filet Mingon. And as soon as we start requiring better—by regularly voting people out of office who don’t deliver—we’ll get it.


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