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Careful what you ask for: New York Times takes fire over fake news hunt

Twitter users happy to oblige The Gray Lady

The New York Times is the icon of print journalism. Standard-bearer in the field. “All the news that’s fit to print”.

And so it may come as no surprise that the NYT would ~~throw itself under the bus~~ take the lead in the effort to root out fake news and misinformation campaigns heading in to the November midterm election.

Ever on the ball, Twitter users were quick to call out The Times for its own apparent misinformation and journalistic sins.

Of course those could have all been posted by Russian bots, who knows?

Others took the chance to call The Times out on perhaps its most infamous mis-prognostication.

Of course the input wasn’t limited to just those followers of the political right.

And there were a handful who offered their own Alex Jones impressions.

Several noted the fact that the pool of potential citizen reporters is limited.

While others wondered if the effort was really necessary.

Oh, and there were TONS of responses similar to this one.

So what good was all this? Why none, of course. Except that it provided a brief and sometimes humorous respite from the Washington dumpster fire that has everyone’s attention.


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