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This Is What Growing Up Looks Like

Political junkies on both sides should take notice

It’s official: Cameron Kasky has become a man.

It didn’t come about as the result of a birthday or some youthful dalliance. No, this transition took place in that most valuable place inside us all – in the heart.

The evidence: a single statement.

“Despite the fact that I thought I did at the time, I don’t know everything.”

In an interview this week with Fox News Radio, the Parkland shooting survivor and cofounder of March For Our Lives said he regrets some of the things he’s said and done since being unexpectedly thrust into the national spotlight as a high-school junior.

“I’m very regretful of a lot of the mistakes that I’ve made along the way … I’m not going to kick myself for it because I’m 17. Despite the fact that I thought I did at the time, I don’t know everything. But, I look back on that and I say, you know what, there were people who had just been buried and when you’re looking at somebody that you find might in some way have been complicit in this murderer obtaining the weapon it’s hard not to say something like that. But, I went into that wanting less conversation and more to embarrass Rubio and that was my biggest flaw.”

The “something like that” to which Kasky referred is his now famous (or infamous, depending on one’s perspective) question to Florida Senator Marco Rubio at a live CNN town hall not long after the shooting: “Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA in the future?”

You may recall that after that incident, Kasky went on to call President Trump “a professional liar”. (It may be worth noting that this statement was also made during a CNN event.)

Kasky also made headlines after backing out of a proposed debate with fellow Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv.

The Cameron Kasky we heard this week on Fox News Radio was different. This Cameron Kasky was not only remorseful about making incendiary and nonproductive statements, but also acknowledged that – just like the rest of us – he doesn’t know it all. In fact, he’s putting that mindset to work in what – if done right – could well be a great example of how we all should approach the art of debate.

Kasky plans to launch a podcast called Cameron Knows Nothing, with the apparent goal being to encourage reasonable, productive discussion among people of differing political and ideological persuasions.

“I’m not asking people to change their opinions,” Kasky stated. “I’m asking people to change their opinions about opinions … we’re young, and if we want to be engaged, that’s great, but let’s learn together.”

In addition to the podcast, Kasky has left the March For Our Lives board of directors, though ironically it was his involvement with that group that led him to this point.

“When March For Our Lives went on the summer tour … I met that person in Texas who’s got that semi-automatic weapon … I met the 50 some odd percent of women who are pro-life … I learned that a lot of our issues politically come from a lack of understanding of other perspectives … so often young conservatives and young liberals will go into debate … trying to beat the other one as opposed to come to an agreement…I’m working on some efforts to encourage bipartisanship or at least discussion that is productive and help a lot of people avoid the mistakes that I made.”

The entire interview should be required listening not only for certain folks in the White House or on the Senate Judiciary Committee, but for us all. Like all of us do from cradle to grave, Cameron Kasky is still trying to figure out this thing called life.

The difference is that now, he realizes it.

Kudos, Cameron. You’ve reached the point where – hopefully – you can be one of those few voices that helps move us all toward a more perfect union.


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